Can you insure the contents of a Shipping Container?

Insuring the contents of a shipping container being used for storage.

Very simply yes you can insure the contents of a shipping container that’s being used for storage use on your site. Ordinarily your shipping container will require a high security lock box and an insurance rated padlock (or a padlock your insurance company will recognise). Typically its much easier to add the contents of your shipping container to an existing policy that already covers site than have a seperate insurance policy just covering the shipping container.

In the UK and europe we can offer our UK made squire container padlocks which are CEN-4 rated (European insurance rating of ‘high security’). With this padlock and a lock box in place you should be able to add the contents of any shipping container to any existing insurance policy that already covers the site.

We are not aware at this time of anyone offering insurance for a shipping container by itself, generally our customers add the container to any existing policy they already have for the site.

Obviously we cannot answer for all potential insurers so we recommend checking with them in advance if this is important for you. We’re unable to offer any blanket guarantees but this is the general case we are used to seeing. Outside of the UK of course we are also unable to offer any blanket guarantees as different countries will have different insurance companies and different laws governing how they operate.

Its also worth mentioning that without any treatment, all shipping containers will get some condensation form on the inside of the roof as they cool overnight. Whilst we have loads of potential condensation treatment methods (please check out our ultimate guide to shipping container condensation treatment options) – you should expect that potential damage from this moisture will not automatically be included on any policy.

If you feel your container will get attacked, or if you or your insurance company want a higher level of security for your container there are a number of additional security measures we can offer. We have our battery powered remote alarm systems, which as well as activating a siren – they can also notify up to 5 mobile phones the moment the alarm sounds. We have in the past also offered additional different locking systems for a shipping container – meaning any would be vandal or thief would have to come prepared to break 2 very separate locking systems. We have also in the past provided hinge protection to prevent the doors being removed if someone came to site prepared with heavy cutting gear and ready to cut the hinges off your container doors.

We wont’ detail exactly how these are achieved online as we dont’ want to create a ‘how to’ list for anyone wanting to break into one of our shipping containers, but nevertheless we are very experienced ensuring you get the level of protection you feel is necessary.

When you have a lot of valuable gear inside your shipping container you may need to insure it

Insuring the contents of a shipping container used for storage on someone else’s property

Insuring the contents for your shipping container when this is on someone else’s land can get a bit trickier. Some self storage yard and landlords may have a policy and can charge insurance with their rental price, some others may have an arrangement in place for your to deal directly with their insurer.

For more informal setups you may be able to get the contents of the shipping container added to the policy covering site and simple offer to pay the difference in premium for the policyholder. This will very much be up to them and what they are prepared to do for you.

We have spoken informally to a small number of insurers and get the impression that they are not too inserted in offering a policy for a container by itself and some have highlighted that such a policy may also conflict with any other insurance already in place for the site.

If you need a shipping container to help keep your gear secure and out of the way then please feel free to browse our online ranges of shipping containers, flat packs containers and storage containers for sale across the UK. You areĀ welcome to contact us – our team are on standby from 08:30am – 7pm weekdays to advise on options as well as helping with questions and quotes.

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