Cheap Aircraft Hangars

If you’re looking for cheap covered work space or temporary solutions for aircraft hangars, we have just the solution!

By using a double stack of 40ft high cube shipping containers, and one of our 12m wide shipping container canopies, you could produce your own aircraft hangar in days and betters still, by using shipping containers and a canopy, you may be able to avoid applying for planning permission, as this solution is classified as a temporary structure.

The other advantage of producing aircraft hangars using this idea, is that the whole structure can easily be dismantled and moved to another location if required.tandom shipping container canopy shelter

With a structure of this size, we would recommend having sufficient ballast in the lower shipping containers. Alternatively, we could convert your shipping containers in to workshops and offices with the upper tier of containers being made accessible by installing a set, or sets, of our shipping container staircases.

The maximum width between the containers is a whopping 17m (55ft) with the maximum clearance being just over 17m at the centre of the canopy. A hangar of this size could house a range of aircraft including models from Aeronca, Beechcraft, Cessna, Gulf Stream, Mitsubishi, Piper and Rockwell. This list of aircraft manufacturers isn’t extensive, there are many more, but the vast majority of the manufacturers equipment noted above will easily fit within one of our hangars.

Our canopies are manufactured from 75mm square box sections making our canopies some of the strongest available in the UK. The curved roof design provides additional strength in high winds and allows for snow loading. The snow loading on this canopy complies with BS EN 1191-1-3:2003 whilst the wind loading complies with BS EN 1991-1-4:2005.

The cross-woven HDPE cover is a lot more durable and longer lasting than other PVC variations. we are aware there are a number of cheaper PVC canopies available online, we do offer these as well but these we feel are the best built and best suited to longer term uses.

Once the shipping containers have been aligned correctly and the second tier of containers stacked (using our container interlocks), the construction of the canopy can commence.To do this, you’ll need at least 3-people and a scissor lift to lift components such as the roof arches. As an alternative to undertaking a self-build, we do provide a full installation service at an additional cost.

Once assembled, general inspections and maintenance should be undertaken to ensure the canopy cover remains tightly tensioned. If one of the panels sustains any damage, the section can be easily removed and a new 2m section fitted.

Conatiner canopy shelter full end wallIf you wanted to have a closed end on your hangar, we can also supply a full end wall or a ‘D’ section panel that extends from the top of the shipping containers to the apex of the canopy. Please note though that with the D panel fitted you’ll limit the aircraft tail clearance to around 5.8m or 19ft.

Discover more by clicking here about our 17m wide shipping container canopies.If you need an aircraft hangar, that can accommodate a larger wingspan, we offer canopies that are 20m wide with options that will allow longer aircraft including canopies that are 18m in length and 24m in length.

If you need any help or advice with any of our products, please do feel free to call our friendly and helpful team who will help with your requirements or you can browse our range of Container canopies

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