Repurposing an old 20ft Shipping Container in Birmingham

Recently we took in this old and somewhat rough looking 20ft shipping container from a site in Birmingham city centre. Having been used for storage by the University for some years, this 20ft shipping container was still structurally sound and dry inside and this unit was a prime candidate for refurbishment.

As with any shipping container that has been out on site for approx 10 years this container did have some minor defects. Rust on the rear sill and at the front of the container below the internal floor line. The paint had faded and this was uneven across all sides as some sides have had other goods sat leaning against the container – clearly for some time (shown by the darker / less faded areas of paintwork)

On the plus side this container has previously been purchased as new (one trip) and has not spent 10-15 years moving cargo around the world, as a result it is virtually dent free and much smarter than an average refurbished shipping container we would offer. The lack of wear on this older 20ft shipping container also suggests that it has many years life left to give as a secure storage container.

As you can see from the ‘before’ pictures below, the container is in good general order but its looking a bit tired care of the faded paintwork.

As with a lot of sites, Birmingham City University regularly contact us when they have shipping containers to dispose of as our buyback service is a quick and easy way to have shipping containers removed from site and we can usually offer to pay for any shipping containers we buy. (for more information on this please feel free to check out our ‘sell your shipping container‘ page.

Once in our yard, we do our standard checks to see what if anything needs repairing. This involves one of our experienced and professional container inspectors checking over the container to ensure its structurally sound and meets export shipping requirements (if needed). This includes an underside check of the underfloor crossmembers which provide much of the structural strength when being lifted when loaded with cargo.

From here we undertake any repairs required to bring this up to scratch, and we gave this shipping container a full external repaint in our stock dark green colour (RAL 6007 bottle green) – to give us a shipping container thats back to a near immaculate condition.

In this instance this container was not going out for export again so we painted over the shipping markings. We will do this as standard for all containers getting a repaint that are to be used for storage use. Here are the pictures of the finished container ready to leave our yard:

We would please add for the casual observer, this container is a fair bit smarter than our typical refurbished containers, purely as the majority of used containers we receive have more dents than this one has. You should not expect a basic refurbished shipping container from us to come out looking quote this smart, although from time to time (as was the case here) the customer got a very nice surprise when their container arrived looking this crisp!

If you are looking for a shipping container for the storage of your gear, or if you have any old shipping containers that you no longer need then please feel free to contact us to let us know. You can browse our online ranges of shipping containers for sale, or if looking to sell a container we only need you to fill in this form and send a few photos of the container into us by replying to our confirmation email (sent once you complete the form) – we will ordinarily have an offer to buy your shipping containers from you within an hour or two.

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