Secure Motorcycle Storage Sheds and Secure Garages for Motorbikes

Our range of secure motorcycle storage sheds are heavy duty Police Approved metal garages for keeping motorbikes safe and secure. Made from galvanised steel, these units are also approved by the UK Locksmiths association and the Loss Prevention Certification Board.

Delivered ‘flat packed’ these are ideal for getting in to locations where a shipping container couldn’t. They all come with pre-drilled bases and fixings so you can secure the unit to suitable hard-standing and have extra large vents to allow moisture and fumes to easily escape. In addition, they have hidden roof ventilation that helps keep condensation to a minimum.

All three units below are better value than having a purpose-built garage and are very easy to assemble.

Secure Domestic Motorbike Storage

Our first secure motorbike storage shed measures 9ft in length and 5ft 2’’ in width providing ample room for your motorcycle. This garage unit is constructed from galvanised weatherproof steel that’s then coated with a polyester powder coat paint. Ideal for single bikes in domestic settings.

motorbike storage unitWith an integral steel floor and a drop in wooden floor this storage shed also comes with a pick and drill resistant lock, a 5-point locking system and heavy internal deadbolts.

This unit comes complete with an access ramp, a heavy-duty shelf and a hook rail for storing helmets and leathers. It also has a a mounting plate kit for a 13A socket but, please note socket and wiring isn’t provided and you must ensure you get a qualified electrician to do this work for you.

This secure motorbike storage shed is designed and manufactured in the UK and comes with a 10-year warranty. All hinges, panels and doors are reinforced making for a very secure shed with access provided through large double doors.

The hinges are welded in place and there is a shrouded lock for additional security.

Multi-Purpose Bike and Garden Storage

Our second secure motorcycle storage shed measures 10ft 11’’ in length and is 5ft in width. Like the other units in the range, this is built from heavy-duty galvanised steel that’s finished with a polyester powder coat paint. Supplied with a drop in wooden (OSB) floor, a heavy-duty ramp that slides under the garage when not in use, a heavy-duty shelf and a hook strip.

This unit should be ideal for customers wanting to store more than just a single bike. This may be 2 bikes, or a motorbike and all your domestic gardening gear all in the one place.

Secure Motorcycle Sheds 1The heavy-duty ramp is ideal for even the heaviest motorbikes. We also include a ground fixing kit so you can bolt the unit to hard-standing and an electric mounting plate for your electrician to install 13A mains sockets an all associated wiring.

There’s a hidden roof ventilation system and a side vent to allow fumes and vapours to escape. The double doors and side panels are reinforced and a metal shroud protects the rear of the lock.

The shed has internal dead bolts, a 5-point locking system and a drill and pick resistant lock providing maximum security for your motorbike.

Like our first secure garage, this unit is Police, UK Locksmiths and LPCB approved.

Large Motorbike Storage Sheds

Our third and final motorcycle storage shed has been designed to be highly secure and an ideal cost-effective alternative to a garage.

Produced using 18-gauge galvanised steel, this unit measures 8ft 11’’ in length and 7ft 4’’ in width. Its size is ideal for 2 bikes or a bike and a range of other items you need secure and dry.

Secure Motorcycle Storage 1This tough garage unit provides secure storage for your motorbike, is weatherproof and features condensation reducing vents in the roof and side wall.

Like our other sheds, this one is also delivered ‘flat packed’ enabling you to put the unit easily in to place.

This unit comes with an access ramp, wooden OSB drop-in floor, a pack of 2 shelves, a hook rail and 2 electric mounting plates (sockets and wiring not included).

All three units are available in a choice of finish (green, brown or ivory) and have all screw ends hidden so there are no sharp edges inside our motorcycle stores.

In most instances, you won’t need planning permission although, we do suggest you check before ordering. We also recommend you check the size of your motorbike before ordering too.

With a host of features such as welded hinges and drill and pick resistant locks, our range of sheds really do offer a viable and secure option for the storage of your motorbike.

All the above come with a 10-year warranty and have free UK mainland delivery although some remote locations do attract an additional charge. All units are made to order with an approximate lead time of 6-weeks, depending on workload at the factory.

As well as being used for motorbike storage, these very secure units can be used as alternate storage for garden equipment, barbecues etc. Of course, if you’d prefer to have a shipping container converted for a specific use, please request a quote online or call one of our knowledgeable team to discuss your project.

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