Shipping Container Barns

Barns made from Shipping Containers

Making barns from shipping containers can be a really cost-effective method for the construction of barns or storage sheds using either new or used shipping containers as an integral part of the building.

This quick and easy option keeps costs down as you don’t need to dig foundations and therefore lead times are greatly reduced. You can create a very useful working/storage space using a single layer or double stacked layer of shipping containers and you can cover the working space with one of our shipping container canopies or construct your own pitched type roof atop the containers.

Shipping container barns can either be 20ft or 40ft long using shipping containers or longer if required by simply adding additional containers along the length. (so any multiple of 20ft length is possible). If you need more clearance, simply stack containers on top of one another and secure in place using our 50 tonne shipping container interlocks.

(c) Chris SherwoodBy using shipping containers to produce your barn or working/storage space, you also get the added advantage of having additional dry working and storage space within the containers themselves which can also be converted in to offices, workshops or storage units.

If you want to construct your shipping container barn or storage/working area quickly, then we suggest you check out our fantastic range of shipping container canopies. These are delivered direct to you for on-site assembly by yourselves or we can send our team in to assemble it (at additional cost) for you.

We can supply our container canopies in a range of sizes ranging from 6m to a whopping 20m (65ft) of covered space between your shipping containers.

Barns without planning permission?

These shipping container canopies have a distinct advantage over a typical roofing system in that they can be returned back to their unassembled state making them relatively easy to move from one location to another. This can mean the barns can help offer temporary or mobile storage solutions allowing for temporary headquarters or storage hub for a specific project.

The beauty of these container canopies is that the shipping containers each side can be used for storage, or they can be converted into office space, canteens, drying rooms, or just for secure tool storage and similar.

(c) Dunway EnterprisesCanopies offer a more flexible solution when creating barns and storage areas but, the choice of roofing system is yours and it may also be dictated by any local conservation orders or planning requirements. These canopies should class as temporary structures and be exempt from planning permission in most cases. Please check with your local council before committing to any purchase as we cannot provide a blanket guarantee.

Where you want to use the containers for storage or offices, we can modify the containers to meet your requirements. We can install insulation and ply-lining, electrics, windows and personnel doors. If you are stacking your containers, you can still use the upper containers as offices or light item storage by simply adding a personnel door and a set of our personnel door stairs giving you easy access to the upper layer.

Where to buy a cheap shipping container barn

With both the largest online range of shipping containers for sale, and to our knowledge the largest range of container canopies, we are expertly placed to help with any shipping container barn requirements.

Please feel free to browse our online catalogue, including our ranges of shipping containers and container canopies. You are also welcome to contact us or if you know what your after you can request a quote online and we will have prices back to you normally within a few working hours. You can also call us on freephone 0808 1234 215, our team are ready and available 08:30am – 7pm normal working weekdays.

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