Shipping Container Sweat Condensation Treatments

We have a range of condensation treatments for treating shipping container sweat. In this guide we detail why sweat forms in shipping containers and the range of treatment options that we can offer.

Where does sweat come from in shipping containers and why?

There are millions of tonnes of cargo stored or transported in shipping containers and huge amounts of goods are damaged by shipping container sweat. Container rain is another name for container sweat and this is caused by a build-up of moisture caused by a change in dew point.

Being a metal box, the internal temperature will change relative to the weather outside and the time of day and it’s the changes in the container temperature that cause the moisture within the container to condense and eventually drip off the ceiling on to the goods beneath.When the container cools down fast the water in from the air inside the shipping container cools and is no longer able to hold as much water. this is where your sweat or condensation will come from.

In addition to moisture from the atmosphere, goods like paper, cardboard, mattresses, wood and books, can also give off moisture too. Another source of moisture will be the wooden pallets. Pallets are typically made on a just-in-time basis from fresh timber and won’t have time to dry out. So, if you have goods that could be damaged by condensation use plastic pallets is a great defence, but you can also check out some of our desiccant options if you are exporting goods in shipping containers and want to avoid sweat

If you store goods or products such as leather goods, textiles, corrugated products and fabrics, then you must ensure that the effects of container sweat are minimised. We have a number of shipping container condensation treatments including those that provide a temporary solution through to a treatment that will last for many years to come.

Treatment options for condensation in shipping containers

Desiccants are another option, although only recommended for short-term prevention owing to their cost in the longer term.

Our desiccant range includes products such as Absorpoles, SeaDry sticks and Bone Dry Dampsticks. All are proven to work very well indeed with each product having slightly different absorption capabilities. Desiccants absorb moisture from the air helping to lower the dew point.

For longer-term protection, we can apply our condensation prevention coating to the ceiling of the container or install insulation and ply-lining. Of these two options, the condensation prevention coating (Grafo-Therm) is the cheapest option and should last for many years but, you must make sure you don’t damage the coating as this will lower its ability to absorb moisture.

The option of adding insulation and ply-lining whilst more expensive, is an ideal option if you intend to use the container as a workshop, office or hobby room. And, if you want a really nice internal finish, rather than using ply-lining, opt for our melamine lining instead.

So, if you store goods that could be affected by shipping container sweat, consider using one of the above options to prevent damage to your goods.

Need to source a condensation free shipping container?

With the biggest online range of shipping containers for sale and a huge range of condensation treatment options you need look no further if you want to source a condensation free shipping container.

Please feel free to browse our ranges of shipping containers for sale, request an online quote or contact us if you’d like to talk through the options in person.

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