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We produce our smoking shelter canopies by recycling used shipping containers or, if you’d prefer, we can produce the shelters from new shipping containers.

Our smoking shelters are typically 10ft in length, 8ft wide and 8ft 6’’ high but, as they are purpose built to order, you can specify a longer of shorter shelter to suit.

Upcycled Smoking ShelterBeing made from a shipping container, they are very durable and extremely hard to vandalise. No assembly is required and we can deliver direct to your site, we lift it off our truck and put it on the ground for you and its ready to go. As these are made from used shipping containers the structure will likely last well over 10 years and unlike a lot of flat pack and self build units, this will retain a resale ro scrap value if and when this comes up for renewal or disposal.  As these are all made to order we can very easily alter the configuration as may be required.

Each shelter is supplied with seating, a lockable wall mounted cigarette bin and a non-slip painted floor. For future flexibility, we can supply the smoking shelters with fork lift pockets meaning you can easily move the unit around as and when required. If you do want fork lift pockets, please specify at time of getting a quote as this will usually add a small premium to the price to cover the additional work involved.

You can also specify the colour of your shelter from our range of RAL colours but, please note that some colours do incur a premium as they may need additional coats of paint.

Apart from the roof canopy, these are supplied with 50% open sides and a completely open front but a closed rear and we will only produce units with 50% open sides to comply with current guidance. We can alter the exact opening configuration for you as long as the total open surface area remains at minimum 50%/ For example for an exposed site where you may also need to shelter from high winds, we can offer a smoking shelter that’s fully open on 2 sides and fully closed on the other 2 sides.

brand new smoking shelterCompared to similar sizes of ‘off the shelf’ smoking canopies, these units are fantastic value and very sturdy. BY weight they are typically made from well over 90% recycled materials. We can add electrics and even heaters to them for night time illumination & comfort

Whilst we encourage the use of used shipping containers to produce our smoking shelters, we are very happy to use new/one trip shipping containers for customers who require a unit that is free of the usual dents and creases that a used container can pick up over its lifetime. Although, we would like to point out that even a new container can have some dents etc. that will have been picked up during its one-trip from China.

Please feel free to contact us or complete our online enquiry form if you are considering buying one of our smoking shelters and we’ll get back to you with a price for the units and delivery.

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