What is a ‘one trip’ Shipping Container?

What is a one trip Shipping Container?

A one trip shipping container is essentially a new shipping container. It has been built in the factory (most likely in China) and done one international trip from the factory to the destination country since new.

One trip shipping containers are usually moved to this destination country with freight inside, this help keep the cost of transportation down as the freight will effectively pay for the transport for the shipping container. 40ft high cube new shipping container for sale

As all one trip shipping containers have done an international trip since leaving the factory, they may not be in brand new condition because of this first trip. Some paint scrapes around the end frames, some marks from unloading (e.g. fork lift tyre marks) and the occasional dink or dent consistent with this first trip should be expected. The exact wear or damage incurred from this first single trip will vary from one shipping container to the next and will depend on a lot of factors, notably the lifting equipment at the ports and depots between the factory and you.

One trip container features

One trip shipping containers offer the best long term value when looking for long term storage options. Shipping containers in general will only pick up wear when they are lifted or moved. Each time they are lifted onto or off a boat, train or truck trailer the container itself will pick up wear from being handled.

If you are looking to buy a one trip shipping container for storage use on your site it will very likely remain static on your site, meaning there is very little damage or wear that can be incurred by the shipping container itself. Moving parts (door hinges and locking handles) will obviously need the occasional grease and the door seals are rubber which will eventually wear (depending on how often you use the doors) but otherwise there is very little to potentially go wrong for you. If this is raised slightly off the ground to stop it sitting in any water (which may help it rust away faster), any one trip shipping container should last a very long time.

A one trip shipping container should last well over 20 years when being used for storage and when sat static on your site with minimal to no maintenance. They will last a lot longer than a used container, hold a much better resale value if you did want to sell this on 10+ years after buying it, and as they come in plain colours with minimal to no dents or surface rust they will also look a lot smarter than used container options. Ideal for sites where a smart clean finish is important (for example if this will be seen by visitors to your site or customers).

Looking for a one trip shipping container

With a massive online range of one trip shipping containers or all types and sizes (as well as used and refurbished ranges) we have all the bases covered. Everything we sell comes with our 12 month wind & watertight guarantee, and we have crane equipped truck ready to deliver and lift off your one trip shipping container at your site. If you’re looking for your own one trip- shipping container please feel free to browse our online ranges of shipping containers for sale, you can request a quote online or of course you are very welcome to contact us if you’d like to talk through your needs with one of our helpful team.

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