Flat Pack Motorbike Store

  • 2530mm Long x 1496mm wide x 2090mm high flat pack storage unit
  • Comes in separate panels, allowing access into the tightest of spots
  • Weighs around 300kg
  • Very simple to assemble
  • Galvanised Steel Construction
  • Can be returned to flat pack, moved and rebuilt if needed.
  • Green RAL 6005 powder coating finish as standard.
  • The option of a fold down ramp is only an additional £85.00 + VAT
  • Tools required to build: socket set and screwdriver!
Price from: £1,100.00 +VAT

How to order

To order or enquire about this product please contact us quoting reference 4073

Product Description

This pop-up flat pack secure motorbiike store is a fantastic solution for anyone looking to store a motorbike, moped or bicycle(s). Being used for various applications Budget Shipping Containers Range of collapsible storage containers are totally man portable (requiring 2 people) and are ideal for those hard to access locations.

You me be able to get your motorbike through a particular gap but can you get a lorry with a standard 10ft shipping container to where you want it? (10ft refurbished shipping containers are another popular storage option for bikes as well as flat pack containers, but these flat pack bike storage units are ideal for a garden setting that might not be accessible for our large delivery trucks). These Bike Stores are light enough to be man portable but strong enough to deter the most determined thieves. All the components can be broken down and carried through narrow passageways to previously inaccessible locations. So, being a temporary structure, and should you ever move house, or your partner is on your case to “move that motorbike out of the way” you can simply dismantle the flat pack container, move it and pop it up somewhere else leaving your motorbike safely and securely stowed away, but also nicely housed in a smart, neat unit.

flat pack bike store ramp
The option of a fold down ramp is an additional £85.00 + VAT

These flat pack motorbike stores are new ex factory, very smart, solid and secure, quick and easy to install and, for the quality come, in at an exceptional price.

Made from 0.50mm box profile galvanized steel panels, strengthened with a galvanized steel frame These units are solid and sturdy and offer an excellent level of protection for anyone wanting to secure their stuff.

The roof section has 2 integral gutters to move water to the corners of the container, The door is pre-mounted (using galvanised hinges) and is secured with 2x 64mm Euro deadlocks.The door width is 1138mm wide, hinged on the right and opens outwards.

The floor is a pre-assembled 18mm thick grade 3OSB Norbord screwed to a galvanised steel box profile frame and the unit can be lifted via crane (or fork lift when fork lift feet are purchased seperately) with up to 1.5 tonnes of cargo inside.

Prices advertised for these flat pack secure motorbike stores are plus delivery, please contact us for an all inclusive price or fill in our online quote form and we will reply with a firm quote for you.

 Shelf Uprights  £15 + VAT each
 Shelf Arms  £9 + VAT each
 Sump Shelf (1000mm)  £24 + VAT
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