Flat Pack Storage Container 2×2 Metre

  • External dimensions – 2081mm long x 2149mm wide x 2093mm high flat pack storage unit
  • Approximate internal dimensions – 1916mm long x 1984mm wide x 1927mm high
  • Door width – 1250mm
  • Comes in separate panels, allowing access into the tightest of spots
  • Weighs 296kg
  • Very simple to assemble
  • Galvanised Steel Construction
  • Double locking door
  • Can be returned to flat pack, moved and rebuilt if needed
  • Green and Blue powder coating finish for an additional £100 + VAT
  • Tools required to build: socket set and screwdriver!
Price from: £970.00 +VAT

How to order

To order or enquire about this product please contact us quoting reference 4048

Product Description

Our flat pack storage range has recently been subject to a ‘makeover’. They now feature rounded die cast aluminium roof corners, stronger wall panels, improved double-locking system and stainless-steel hinges. The best part? No increase in prices.

The new stainless-steel hinges not only look good, they improve security too and the door and frame are made from thicker steel. We now also offer an optional insulation pack that fits directly on to the profiled panels within the unit which don’t need any additional fixings to install them.

To assemble the unit, you will need a 13mm and 19mm spanner and a socket set with a 13mm and 19mm socket, plus a screw driver. All nuts, bolts and assembly instructions provided.

If you have linked units together, please do not lift or re-position the units. Single (un-linked) units may be lifted using a fork lift or a crane (using the lifting eyes on the unit).

For demounting and relocating the units in their flat-packed condition, we suggest you only use the original packaging whenever possible.

This 2 x 2 metre flat pack storage container is ideal for a number of light industrial or domestic applications. These units are totally man portable (requires 2 people) and are ideal for a range of hard to access locations such as gardens, courtyards and other enclosed outdoor spaces.

Ideal for use as tool sheds and a variety of domestic storage applications, additional small storage for smaller retail operations with spare outside space, Secure storage for event stallholders and event managers, temporary sheds, shelters, workshops and more.

These units are new ex factory, very smart, solid and secure, quick and easy to install and, for the quality, come in at an exceptional price.

Made from 0.60mm box profile galvanized steel panels, strengthened with a galvanized steel frame These units are solid and sturdy and offer an excellent level of protection for anyone wanting to secure their stuff.

How heavy is each panel?

This is a common question from our customers when buying a flat pack unit. We would suggest that two people carry each panel at a time to be safe. Below is a chart for each of the panels:

Panel Type 2M Unit
Chassis 88 KG
Side Panel 31 KG
End Panel 31 KG
Door Panel 67 KG
Roof Panel 48 KG
Green or Blue powder coating finish an additional £100 + VAT

The roof section has 2 integral gutters to move water to the corners of the container, The door is pre-mounted (using galvanised hinges) and is secured with a double locking system. The door is 1250mm wide, hinged on the right and opens outwards.

The floor is made from a galvanized steel frame with wooden boarding.

These 2 x 2 metre flat pack storage containers can be lifted by crane or forklift and moved with a max 1.5 tonne payload.

Flat pack storage container options and prices

Prices exclude delivery, delivery charges for the 2 x 2 metre flat pack storage containers to UK mainland addresses range from £100-£260 depending on location and based on a part load (i.e. we try to group our deliveries together to keep the costs down for you) faster dedicated deliveries are available but will be costed individually. Delivery for accessories is free when ordered with the main product, otherwise charges will apply. Access for a large rigid vehicle will be required. Delivery is to kerb-side only. Collection available from our warehouse in Surrey if preferred.

The self-fit insulation kit for this 2 x 2m flat pack costs £370.00 + VAT.

 Item  Price
 Basic 2 x 2 metre flat pack storage container  £970.00 + VAT
 Add Blue (RAL 5010) or Green (RAL 6005) Powder coating  £100.00 + VAT
 Forklift Feet (set of 4)  £46.00 + VAT
 Leveling feet (Adjustable / set of 4)  £36.00 + VAT
 Door Closer  £40.00 + VAT
 Cable / Hose Holder  £9.50 + VAT
 Locking Bar with padlock (additional level of security)  £55.00 + VAT
 Folding Steel  Ramp  £85.00 + VAT
 Touch Up Spray  £15.00 + VAT
 Linking Kits (Galvanised) side or end  £52.00 + VAT each
 Linking Kits (Powder Coated) side or end  £67.00 + VAT each
 Shelf Uprights  £15.00 + VAT each
 Shelf Arms  £9.00 + VAT each
 Sump Shelf (1000mm)  £24.00 + VAT each
 Sump Shelf (1900 mm)  £40.00 + VAT each

Images for illustration purposes only.

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Width – 2.1m
Height – 2.1m

All units are 300mm high when flat packed and 2093mm high when assembled.

Exact dimensions are:

Length – 2081mm
Width – 2149mm
Height – 2093mm
Door width – 1250mm
Door height – 1900mm
Weight – 296kg

Component/panel weights:

Chassis – 88kg
Side Panels – 31kg
End panel – 31kg
Door panel – 67kg
Roof panel – 48kg

General information:

Floor – Pre-fitted 18mm grade 3 ‘Norbord’ Canadian Sterling Board that is screwed to a galvanised steel profile frame.

Chassis – Box profile galvanised steel.

Side walls/roof panels – 0.6mm box profile. Panels have been strengthened and the have galvanised steel frame sections at their edges. Roof has two integral gutters for rainwater dispersal at all four corners of the unit.

Door panel – 0.6mm box profile galvanised steel. Has two 64mm Euro deadlocks with replaceable cylinders and a central roller catch. Door is right-hand hinged, outward opening.

Fastening elements – four off 12mm diameter rods are used to connect the roof to the chassis and have lifting eyes. For additional security, additional roof bolts are supplied to prevent external access to the container.

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