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Can you deliver under power lines?

Our hauliers will not be happy lifting off anywhere near active power lines (typically within 5 metres, but this is up the the drivers discretion), however with care taken and a good set of details about the job in hand we can often come up with workable solutions., this might involve using our container skates to lift a container off clear of power lines and then push it into place, or we may find another way to get around this obstacle.

If your looking at a similar job please get us a good set of pictures of the area, from a few different angles if this helps us understand the positioning of any overhead power cables and we can advise from there.

We can offer to send a driver out to perform a site survey for you, this does reduce your risk (as it reduces some of the responsibility you have for providing suitable access for our truck) but is usually chargeable. In the first instance we recommend sending in photos as we may be able to avoid a site survey charge for you.