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Where can I buy Paint for Shipping Containers?

In the UK, we have 5 and 20 litre tubs of genuine shipping container paint for sale. This hard wearing and high grade paint is some of the most durable available due to the environments they need to work in.

Can be applied in temps from 5 degrees to 50 degrees celsius, we can provide all standard colours of shipping container paint from £65 + VAT including UK mainland delivery.

You can see more info on our 5 litre options on our 5 litre paint page. This size is ideal for touching up a few scratches on a shipping container

You can see more on our 20 litre tubs on our 20 litre paint page. this size is best suited if you have a whole container to repaint (you may need more than 1 tun if painting a container bigger than 20 long)