Who owns Budgetshippingcontainers.co.uk and how much tax do they pay

Budgetshippingcontianers.co.uk is a trading name of Consultantsea Ltd.

Consultantsea Ltd is a UK registered, privately owned company. We pay 100% of our tax in the UK.

Its only shareholder s a UK resident who pays all of his/her tax in the UK also. This shareholder owns no other shareholdings in companies outside of the UK and has no other connections to offshore companies.

Whilst our suppliers may well often be based abroad (this is a truly international business after all and suppliers based in tax havens is unfortunately commonplace) you can be assured that everything your buy from us comes with the protection of UK (England & Wales) and EU laws, and we pay all tax due to the UK government and our staff and shareholders alike have no offshore financial or business interests whatsoever.

As a rough guide, our total tax liability to the UK government between Corporation tax, PAYE & employer NI contributions, VAT payments, business rates, vehicle taxation and any other direct taxes we may have missed in this list comes to approximately twice our overall wage bill. Our corporation tax bill year ending July 2014 was approximately 5x that of Facebook for the similar period.