32 x 10ft jackleg toilet cabin

Jackleg cabin toiletes
  • 32 x 10ft toilet cabin with jacklegs
  • Can be re-painted in your choice of colour
  • Delivered direct to site
  • Male and female toilets
  • Hot and cold water
  • Can be contacted to main sewer or sceptic tank
  • Fully checked and repaired
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How to Order

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Product Description

The attached pictures are of a 30 x 10ft jackleg toilet cabin. Whilst this unit has since been sold, it’s a good example of what we can supply.

We have a number of these cabins available so, please contact us for information about our current stocks.

This 32 x 10ft cabin has jacklegs and is not a normal shipping container. This particular toilet cabin was spilt in to two separated toilets facilities for male and female use.

The male only section of the cabin had 6 urinal bowls, 2 cubicle WC’s and sinks + hot air hand driers.

The female section had 7 cubicles, wash basins and hot air driers.

Each facility was accessible via its own door.

The sinks supply both hot and cold water.

This unit does not have an integrated generator and will need to be plugged in to a power supply, mains water and sewage pipes prior to use. They can also be connected to a sceptic tank where no mains sewer is available. We do not provide any service for emptying sceptic tanks.

Male toilet facility

Female toilet facility

Inspecting, checking and re-painting your cabin as standard

All units are checked, and if necessary, repaired prior to despatch. We can also re-paint the exterior of the toilet cabin in a standard RAL colour of your choice. We cannot re-spray the exterior with metallic paints. Where light colours are required, the unit may need an undercoat and 1 or 2 coats of paint.

As these are used units, any repairs we do are selective and may vary from one unit to the next. Don’t’ expect brand new paneling or fixtures and fittings, but we will check everything over and repair what is needed. The repairs required will vary from one unit to the next.

Where electrics are included, these will be tested in our depot. However, under current laws for portable buildings, you must have a qualified electrician certify the unit and connect it to your power supply. The cabin must also be earthed.

When you move the cabin to another location, the electrics have to be re-certified to ensure compliance with the regulations in-force at that time.


Jacklegs are the structural support points on the cabin, and these are used to raise the unit off the ground. Jacklegs are also used for stacking so, other cabins can be stacked atop this unit. The jacklegs are adjustable so that the cabin can be levelled on un-even surfaces.

Jack legs are an older design feature and are not commonly available on newer units.

Our units are suitable for long-term installations on building sites and for use where additional W/C’s are required, such as offices, sports facilities, schools and farms.

Other WC options

For sites that require smaller units, we also supply a range of toilet units including separate male and female facilities, unisex facilities and DDA compliant units.

For further information and for information about our current stocks of jackleg toilet cabins, please complete our enquiries form and include your delivery postcode here.

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