Super Secure Ferosafe Shipping Container Lock Boxes

  • Super Secure lock box
  • Resists cutting tools and diamond drill bits
  • Fitted in depot
  • Self fit option available
  • Made using Ferosafe technology
Price from: £180.00 +VAT

How to Order

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Product Description

Now available in selected depots, this high security shipping container lock box, is an ideal addition for anyone wishing to add a further level of security to their shipping container.

Our new range of lock boxes are made using Ferosafe. Ferosafe is a hard ceramic alloy that’s been created to destroy grinder discs and provide additional resistance to carbide and diamond tipped drill bits.

We would please highlight, our standard lock box is a great way of making a shipping container secure, and will mean you need some form of heavy cutting gear to break into your container. This is already beyond your average teenager or opportunist and means someone will need to arrive tooled up and ready to break into your shipping container.

The Ferosafe lock box is deigned to withstand attacks from heavy cutting gear and may suit customers who believe their container will definitely be targeted by persons who have come prepared and ready to break in. A standard lock box will still offer a very good level of protection. These Ferosafe lock boxes offer the very top end level of protection for your shipping container.

What’s different about this lock box?

The Ferosafe lock box is some 10-times more resistant to attack than a standard lock box.

A standard lock box can be breached in about 2-minutes using just 1 cutting disc. The Ferosafe lock box resisted attack for over 20-minutes and the test used 10 cutting discs in the process. The only reason the test was stopped was the grinder battery ran out.

Can I fit a Ferosafe lock box myself?

Normally lock boxes are fitted on the shipping container whilst in depot which we offer as a standard option. However, if you don’t have a lock box on a container you already own, you can order one that you can fit yourself.

For self-fitting, the unit is supplied with 4 x M10 bolts, nuts and washers and a template

When you mount the lock box, it must be affixed to the right-hand door only as the padlock eye is mounted on the left-hand door.

What is Ferosafe?

Ferosafe is a weldable composite material that resists high powered angle grinders and drill bits much better than mild steel. As its weldable it requires no special tools or training for a wide range of our yards to be able to fit for us.

Often used on safes and ATM’s we can now offer this

How to fit yourself

IF you have a welder, you can order the weld on version like that used in our depots. We woudl suggest the welded on option is preferable in most cases, but the difference to the level of security offered between these 2 options is minimal.

If you don’t have a welder, you’ll need our self-fit option.Take the template and centre this over the closed doors and make sure it’s level. Using a centre punch, mark the centre of the four drilling points. Use a smaller ‘pilot’ drill to begin with. Then step up to a slightly larger size. Continue this process until you’ve created a 10mm clearance holes.

Top tip – only run the drill at a low RPM – if you use a higher RPM, the COR-TEN steel of the shipping container can heat-up making the job of drilling even harder.

Once completed, feed the bolts through the lock box and then the container door loosely fit the nuts and washers and check alignment.

Once you’re happy with the alignment, tighten the nuts with a spanner or socket whilst making sure the lock box doesn’t move. Finally, re-check alignment; if its off, loosen the nuts, re-align and then tighten the nuts.

Product description

The Ferosafe lock box is lightweight and provides exceptional resistance to attack. This is achieved through the anti-cutting properties of Ferosafe. This material is next generation physical security material that’s been developed to provide additional security against theft.

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