Ramps for Shipping Containers

As well as offering one of the UK’s largest online range of shipping containers for sale, we also offer an excellent selection of ramps for shipping containers.

Shipping containers generally have a circa 5 inch lip between ground level and the internal floor line. If you want to get anything from a wheelbarrow or sack truck up to a forklift truck into your container you will need some form of shipping container ramp.

In this article we outline the different ranges of ramps for shipping containers we have available.

Shipping Container Forklift Ramp

We have 2 models of forklift ramp. Our basic model has a 6 tonne capacity and our heavy duty option has a 10 tonne capacity. This one piece design can be lifted and moved by the fork lift truck itself via the 2 fork pockets at the front of the ramp. This also means that the forklift ramp can be easily stored inside a shipping container. This can help keep your site neat and tidy at the end of using the ramp or at the end of any shift.

These ramps for shipping containers are made to order, with custom colour options and additional modifications available if required. We can also modify the design to work with different types of shipping container. For example, a side opening container or an open top container will have a deeper floor and require a slightly higher ramp as a result. Minor price variations may apply in some cases.

Most in the Uk are probably fed up of hearing ‘strong and stable’ recently – but we can guarantee our shipping container forklift ramps are just that!

These forklift ramps require a flat smooth surface to work on. If the ground for the forklift is not level and firm the ramp may not safe to use with heavy forklifts. These ramps need to have the shipping container doors open before you place the ramp down for use. You cannot operate the doors with the ramp in place due to the bottom of the locking rods on the container doors going below the internal floor line.

Full specs and more info on shipping container forklift ramp product page.

Pallet Trolley, sack truck and wheelbarrow ramps for shipping containers

Many operations do not have a fork lift to load or unload their container, but they may still want to get goods in and our via wheelbarrow, sack truck or pallet trolley – or you may have items stored inside (e.g. sit on mowers or similar) that you want to get in and out of your shipping container easily.

We have a range of smaller ramp options ideal for these purposes. Most of these are made to order so we can easily modify the design slightly for a specific use. For example, you may wish to ensure that this container ramp is wide enough for your sit on mower. These smaller ramp options are designed to be lifted and moved into position by 2 people. They are too heavy for one person to operate safely.

Here are some examples of our smaller shipping container ramp options:

The exact price, size and design of each ramp may vary slightly from one option to the next. This is because our yards generally make these to order and each yard has a slightly different way of building them. To keep prices down we aim to have the same yard that your container comes from build your ramp.

We also provide a ramp option that can be delivered via courier anywhere in the UK. So if you already have a container and need a ramp for it urgently then we can still help.

Ramps for flat pack storage containers

As well as our huge range of shipping containers, we also offer a sizeable range of flat pack storage containers. These are ideal for gardens, allotments and other locations where we may not be able to deliver a shipping container (our delivery trucks can’t lift containers over houses, trees and other large obstacles).

If you need to load something big and heavy into your flat pack containers e.g. a motorbike or sit on mower, it’s probably best to call and let us know. Some of our ranges come with an option for a fitted ramp that’s very easy to use, other options do not have the ramp option.

Here are some pictures of the ramp options that can come with our flat pack storage containers.

If you need more information about any of our ramps for shipping containers please feel free to get in touch.

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