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Storage Containers for Allotments and Gardens

With thefts from garden and allotment sheds increasing, secure garden storage containers are becoming more of a necessity for home owners. The main reason for the increase in thefts is due to poor or no security on an existing shed and thieves know that expensive lawnmowers, bicycles and kids garden toys and playthings, barbecues are stored in an isolated shed which isn’t very secure.

In this article we detail some of the options we can offer for garden and allotments storage. All our storage containers are steel and will beyond the scope of your average opportunist to break in. We can also offer a healthy range of additional security measures if needed.

Flat Pack Garden Storage Containers

Our range of flat pack garden storage containers are great for garden or allotment storage. Each individual panel can be carried into position by 2 people and its quick and easy to erect on site. Made from galvanised steel these units are light but tough enough to deter the most determined thieves. As a temporary structure they should also be exempt from planning permission.

Neat, tidy and very flexible these flat pack garden storage containers offer a secure storage space for your garden. These garden storage containers can be used for storage of all sorts of items including lawn mowers, bikes, barbecues and more. The list goes on!

We have a huge range of different flat pack containers available, from smaller box style lockups, to metal sheds and containers. Please feel free to click out or flat pack range for more info on the storage containers we can offer for gardens and allotments.

We also have ranges of flat pack offices and chemical stores on our website.

Standard Shipping Containers

If you’ve got good access to the rear or side of your garden and want a larger unit, it may be possible for us to deliver one of our normal shipping containers to your site. With our shipping containers we do need to get our delivery truck alongside or very near to the spot where the container needs to sit. Its typically not viable to lift over houses or trees to get your container into position. Assuming this is possible however a shipping container can offer an excellent level of security for everything you might need to store in a normal domestic environment.

7ft new storage container

Shipping Containers offer excellent value for anyone with a large volume of good or equipment to store. They are big, strong and relatively cheap when compared to similarly sized sheds. they are require no installation.  Shipping Containers offer good secure storage for not just garden tools but you could also empty the garage out and store goods in the container as well. To keep it all neat and tidy, you could opt for some of our heavy-duty racking systems and any space left over could be used as a hobby or craft room. We could install a partition in the container so one end could be for storage with the other end being fitted with a personnel door, security window and electrics to create a hobby room.

The side walls are a minimum of 1.6mm in thickness and are constructed using COR-TEN steel and when fitted with a heavy-duty lock box and one of our shipping container padlocks, it would take someone with heavy-duty cutting gear to gain access to the container.

The most common size of shipping containers is typically 20ft or 40ft however, we can supply containers as short as 6ft in length and have the ability to produce containers in custom lengths, ideal if your have a specific space or corner of your garden that you want to use up.

Not only are our standard container costs-effective and secure, you have a lot of space to store a range of garden tools, barbecues and much more. And, to make the most of the storage space on offer, you could kit out your container with some of our heavy-duty racking systems to store bags of compost, charcoal, smaller garden tools, DIY tools and much more.

If you choose shipping containers instead, we recommend having a lock box fitted to protect the padlock and for additional peace of mind, you might consider one of our alarm systems. These are battery or mains operated and can be used in sheds, containers, garages etc. They are fitted with a siren which sound when motion is detected and they’ll send an SMS to your mobile phone to alert you of a potential break in.

Secure Storage Containers for gardens and allotments

We’ve recently added a new range of secure garden storage containers and sheds that are cost-effective, are delivered un-assembled and come in a choice of three colours so they should blend in with most garden designs. Some of the models we sell have 5-point locking systems and pick and drill resistant euro cylinder locks whilst some of our secure storage containers are LPCB approved and as such warrant the ‘secured by design’ award.

Secure tool shed 2Being delivered un-assembled makes it a lot easier to get the units in to your back garden where as our normal shipping containers would be to lifted over your house (potentially – access dependent), these secure units can be moved panel by panel and then assembled in situ.

These containers are ideal for allotments too and as a temporary structure, they should be exempt from planning regulations but, if you’re not sure always check with your local authority.

Both this range and our range of flat pack containers offer good secure storage, are neat and tidy in appearance and ideal for storing barbecues, lawnmowers, bikes, tools and more.

We think our storage solutions are ideal for secure storage of garden equipment and a lot more secure than the average wooden shed.

If you’re looking for a good long-term, secure garden storage solution, please feel free to look through our range of containers and storage solutions. We have one of the largest range of containers and accessories in the UK and should you need assistance, please feel free to call us.

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