New Shipping Containers

One trip shipping containers (often referred to as new shipping containers) are manufactured in China and have been used just once to ship goods to the UK. These are the newest containers available on the market.

These containers can be used to export goods abroad, for on-site storage or be converted for other specialist uses e.g. shipping container homes, offices and retail units. One trip (new) shipping containers also come in designs not available as ‘used’ containers e.g. side opening containers, tunnel containers, 8ft and 10ft containers (that aren’t used by the major shipping lines to move freight) and hazardous chemical stores.

One trip (new) shipping containers offer the best long term value. For static on-site storage use they will last 2-3 times as long as a used container, will look a lot smarter and hold a much better resale value – we recommend a new container as it provides best overall value for anyone looking for 10+ years of good storage use.

At we have worked extremely hard to expand our range of one trip (new) shipping containers and now have, what we believe to be, the largest range of one trip shipping containers for sale in the UK.

Reasons to shop with us

  • All our new containers come with a full wind & watertight guarantee
  • Our new storage containers have a 12 month warranty against natural water or weather ingress **
  • All our shipping containers for export use come with a CSC plate if required
  • Our staff are skilled & knowledgeable and will help you get the right product for your needs
  • We will not be beaten on price!

** This guarantee only applies to shipping containers to be used for storage in the UK and not for export grade containers being used to ship goods overseas. Please contact us if you need advice on this.

One Trip (new) Shipping Containers for Sale

These are our most popular new shipping containers for sale:

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Further Information

Please note, one trip containers are not strictly speaking new. They have all done one trip into the UK, with freight in, and may have minor defects consistent with this initial trip. Strictly speaking as there are no container factories in the UK it’s not physically possible to get brand new containers that are guaranteed to be free of any wear and tear, but you should expect a one trip container to be in near immaculate condition, and they are as close to new as you can get in the UK marketplace.  You can read more on this in our recent article detailing what wear to expect on a one trip shipping container

As well as the containers listed above, please feel free to browse our complete range of containers.

Alternatively, you can use our container quote option to get a quick quotation or our container price match form if you already have some quotations and would like us to beat them on price.

If you have any questions or would just like to know more please contact us!

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