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40ft Multi Compartment Shipping Containers (One Trip / New)

  • New factory built 40ft multi-compartment shipping containers
  • 8 individual compartments with own heavy duty door
  • Steel partition compartment walls
  • Lock box on each door
  • Ideal for self-storage container yards and building sites with multiple workmen & contractors
  • Wind & watertight guaranteed
  • Smart clean appearance
  • 28mm marine plywood flooring
Price from: POA

How to order

To order or enquire about this product please contact us quoting reference 5115

Product Description

These are dedicated one trip 40ft multi compartment shipping containers that are purpose built as opposed to being converted from a new or used shipping container. Ideal for use in self-storage container yards or on construction sites where multiple contractors need their own secure tool/materials storage. They can also be used for secure bicycle storage, golf buggy storage, sports equipment, surf boards and many other items that require secure storage.

These containers offer a clean, crisp appearance overall when compared to multi compartment storage containers that have been converted from an existing 40ft container in our UK yards.

External dimensions are 40ft long, 8ft wide and 8’5’’ high and capable of being stacked. These units come with individual vents fitted to each compartment and a single locking bar for easy access and a high security lock box (padlock cover), and each door is equipped with a heavy-duty cargo style rubber seal.

Currently available in blue or green only. However, they can be re-sprayed at an additional cost if required.

We only get 1 or 2 batches of these units sent into the UK per year, so pre-order is advised where possible especially if looking for multiple containers.

If you’re considering setting up your own self storage container business using shipping containers, you may be interested in our article tips for setting up a container self storage business.

Prior to this new product range, we have built very similar units by modifying existing containers. However, when aiming for a new look finish converting a container simply won’t deliver the new look required by most self-storage companies. Conversions such as this can lead to mismatched doors being fitted and it’s extremely difficult to fit heavy duty container doors.These new build multi compartment shipping containers are ideal in situations where looks and presentation are important factors.

We can if required offer to convert a used 40ft shipping container to offer a less pretty, cheaper container with similar functionality.

Please be advised that these are sold as ‘one trip containers’ and are not brand new. All of our shipping containers are built in the factory in China or the far east and have done 1 trip into the UK since new. Some minor cosmetic wear may be evident from this initial trip. Minor dents and scrapes are reasonably common, as are tire marks inside your container where a fork lift truck or similar may have unloaded goods from inside the container.

All of our containers are checked over in our UK depots before sale, and are sold with our wind and watertight guarantees. You can read more on what wear we consider acceptable in our recent article what to expect from a one trip shipping container.

At Budget Shipping Containers we are always willing to take the time to understand your project and will accommodate your exact requirements. If you wish to purchase any of the above products, or anything else from us, Please do contact our helpful and friendly team!

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