Modular Offices

Office building made from 3x upcycled 40ft shipping containers
Office building made from 3x upcycled 40ft shipping containers
  • Offices built from multiple 20ft or 40ft shipping containers
  • This example made from 3x used 40ft containers
  • Designed and built to order, including electrics and plumbing
  • Variety of cladding and finishing options
  • Doors and windows can go where you need them
  • More pictures to follow
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How to Order

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Product Description

Here is an example of our very first modular offices, built to order for our Manchester haulier. This unit was made from 3x used 40ft shipping containers that we put together, lined, insulated, added electrics, plumbing and partitions.

As this was made from used shipping containers, this structure is by weight, approx 70% recycled materials, and it offers a much smarter, cleaner finish than their old site cabin that had seen much better days. Viewing of this unit will be welcome in our Manchester yard (which we share with our haulier!)

For customers looking at a similar option, we will price each job individually, so you can decide exactly what you want in terms of doors, windows, internal partitioning, even the positions of lights and plug sockets. We can also customise the type and colour of paneling used on internal walls, the external finish, the size and shape of the modular office, pretty much everything!

To be able to quote for a job like this we need a reasonably detailed specification. The donor containers come typically in either 20ft or 40ft long options. All containers are 8ft wide. From here please decide your plan of how many containers you wanted, and how you would lay them out.

We then need to understand the layout you wanted and how it will work for you. Where do the doors & fire exits, windows and international partitions need to go to get the layout you want. Do you need a kitchen and toilet facilities? (if not we can save a good chunk off your total price if we can avoid plumbing altogether, but its still a cost effective option if needed)

Finally, the more detail we can get from you, the better our quote will be. If you can tell us what materials you want used for any paneling or cladding, where you wanted light fittings and plug sockets (you can even pick the light fittings you’d like us to use if you wanted!), or of course you can tell us if you want cheap and solid or smart as possible options and we can always make recommendations for you.

We are of course here to help you get the most from your modular offices. We would suggest when left to make recommendations we will often be primarily motivated to quote the cheapest possible option (That’s how we usually win work, and its the often standard materials our yard will be most used to working with). This doesn’t mean we’re not very capable of providing a very high end finish, but for example please don’t expect fancy chrome light fittings if we’ve just quoted for ‘supply and fit x number of lights’

For the best price on a modular office, we look where possible to build these on your site. We can if necessary build these in our yard and then deliver them out. This adds fair costs but can significantly reduce the time spent on your site.

Price will vary with the specification and size of the unit you want, as well as your physical location. We would say a similar item to this will cost tens of thousands. It is the sort of project that a DIY capable person or team could take on a lot of this work themselves, and we would be more than happy to offer what help we can. A build like this requires a fair amount of non-specilised labour. Please contact us if your looking at modular offices for your own site and we can look to pin down a specification and a price for you.

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