Used 10ft Refrigerated Shipping Containers

3 phase refrigerated shipping container plug
3 phase refrigerated shipping container plug
Product Reference: 8909
  • 10ft x 8ft x 9ft 6 high refrigerated containers
  • 20ft used refrigerated containers are more cost effective & more readily available
  • Not readily available
  • Range of engine types available
  • Requires 32 amp 3 phase power supply with a motor rated (d rated) circuit breaker
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Product Description

Used 10ft refrigerated containers are incredibly rare. They will only become available when a customer sells back a 10ft refrigerated container, which does not happen very often. If you are looking for a refrigerated container we would strongly suggest our 20ft Refrigerated Shipping Containers (Used). While 20ft units there are not large quantities of these units available in the UK, they are far more common and affordable compared to used 10ft reefers.

Commonly known in the trade as ‘reefers’, refrigerated shipping containers have very thick insulation in the walls to ensure good thermal performance. Reefers of any size must not be used to bring goods down from ambient to frozen. They are not designed as blast chillers and attempting to use them in this way is outside of their design specification and will cause premature machinery failure. They are designed to help maintain a temperate of your goods, but not to bring your goods down to temperature.

You will still need a 32A 3-phase 440V power supply with a D-rated circuit breaker as you would for a normal reefer.

As used units, these 10ft reefers will have some cosmetic flaws and are supplied ‘cosmetics not guaranteed’. Units are typically supplied with the standard ‘T’ bar floor although we cannot guarantee this. The interior is stainless steel. As ever if you require a specific specification in terms of floor type, temperature settings or anything else, please let us know and we can factor this into your quote for you.

All equipment will be tested by our engineers prior to delivery.

In general, 20ft and 40ft refrigerated shipping containers are used for transporting temperature sensitive cargo. They operate on an external power supply when on the cargo ship and from a portable generator (aka a Genset) when moving by road or train.

Types of refrigerated shipping container

  1. The closed reefer – this is the conventional unit that is in use in the industry. This container comes with an integral electric cooling/heating system in the front wall.
  2. The Controlled Atmosphere / Modified Atmosphere (CA/MA) reefer – this unit maintains a constant atmosphere by replacing consumed oxygen using an air exchange system helping it to keep an ideal atmosphere. This type of unit is typically used for the transport of fresh fruit and vegetables. Simply chilling the goods isn’t sufficient to prevent them from going off prematurely so, a CA/MA container will preserve the goods for longer by removing carbon dioxide and ethylene and supplying oxygen (as oxygen will be depleted). The prime aim of the CA/MA is to control the ratio of gases around a refrigerated cargo to help extend its storage life beyond that which can be achieved by refrigeration alone.
  3. The AFAM (Automatic Fresh Air Management Containers) – these regulate the air combination by automatically adjusting the scale of fresh air exchange. The Thermo King system is known as the AFAM+ system. This incorporates a flap over the air vents that is controlled by a stepper motor which, in turn, is controlled by oxygen and carbon dioxide sensor. When cargo is loaded, the flap remains closed and only opens when the required CO2 level is achieved. Carrier use their ‘Everfresh’ system which uses a membrane nitrogen generator and can include a bottle of carbon dioxide for use when their is a need for higher levels of CO2 than the cargo itself can generate.

All these types of reefer are available from our yards. If you have any specific requirements please let us know, Otherwise please feel free to contact us and we can talk through your project with you to ensure you get the right equipment.

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