10ft Shipping Container Garden Bar Conversion

We are very excited to share details of this recent container conversion project.  This is a 10ft shipping container garden bar that we delivered to our customer in Wimborne, Dorset in October 2020.

Every so often, a customer comes along who makes our job even more of a pleasure than usual!  On this occasion, we were very lucky to work with Hazel from Tickbox Design who supplied us with some of the finest project drawings we have ever seen!  She sent us a series of incredible CAD drawings showing us exactly how she wanted her garden bar to look and function.

Obviously, we don’t expect this level of detail or expertise from all of our customers!  Our team is fully trained to work with our customers to create the perfect brief for every container conversion.  But these drawings are just too good not to share, and when you see the completed project you can see how perfectly it meets the brief!

10ft Shipping Container Bar Conversion for Wimborne: Project Brief

Hazel requested a 10ft shipping container bar for her garden in Wimborne, Dorset.  She wanted her container bar to be modified to include a lockable serving hatch on one side and a lockable serving shutter opening on another side, perfectly provided by one of our shutter units for our standard windows (but without the window fitted).  The additional hatch is ideal for passing items in and out of the bar when stocking it up! The main hatch is on gas struts and opens vertically to offer a large bar space for serving, and the main hatch cover can double up as a bit of protection from the elements.

The container bar was to be repainted in blue – and very conveniently, the shade of blue required on this occasion was a standard RAL colour – 5010.  It is worth knowing that we offer a Shipping Container Painting service in almost any colour, as well as the standard RAL shades.

Our job is to source the right shipping container for the project, and we found the ideal candidate for this bar conversion; a 10ft ‘nearly new’ shipping container in very smart condition.  The existing colour of the container was not an issue because it would be repainted as part of the conversion.  As you can see from the before pictures, this used shipping container had very few minor markings from previous use.  From experience, we knew that it could be smartened up to make an excellent container bar for our customer – and judging by the completed pictures below, we were right!

10ft used shipping container before it was converted into a bar
Donor Container used for this conversion job

Container Bar Delivery to Dorset

This container bar was to be placed onto a pre-laid concrete base which our customer had arranged prior to delivery.  An additional concrete slab was placed beneath each end of the base of the container.  This raised support is advised as it allows the container to dry out more quickly after wet weather, so it is not always sitting in a pool of water.  It is important to note that these support slabs must be able to take the combined weight of your container and its contents, to avoid any collapse once the container is in place.  Placing your container bar onto a strong, level surface is vital, placing it onto an unlevel base will cause the doors to lock and jam when they are opened.  For these reasons, level concrete makes an excellent base for your shipping container.

We successfully delivered this container bar to Dorset by craning it over the customer’s garden fence from the adjacent roadside. This was a tricky delivery that needed a lot of communication between the site, ourselves and the haulier to ensure that we can get this in – before we started work on the container. Our team will always discuss the delivery of your container in full detail to ensure it is logistically possible and to avoid any issues on the day.  Find more information on shipping container deliveries here.

The Finest Container Bar in Dorset!

As you can see from these images which were kindly supplied by our customer, the shipping container garden bar is now perfectly in place and looks pretty magnificent!  As you can also see from the final results, a ‘nearly new’ shipping container can ‘scrub up’ very nicely and look extremely smart following a good repaint and some work on its appearance.  A used container can therefore sometimes offer a more cost-effective option to a new container if you are looking to convert it into a garden bar or even a container garden office or workshop.

We will always offer the best options for your project, and all of our containers come with our 12-month wind and watertight guarantee.

We hope to update this post with more images when the container has been fully kitted out inside.

A Thank You

We would like to thank our customer Hazel for generously sharing the completed images of her container garden bar, and the CAD drawings she provided to us.  Hazel is a Spacial Designer at TickBox Design – a spatial design service that combines form and function for residential and retail spaces.  They develop practical design solutions that work best for the user whilst enhancing the aesthetic appeal.  They strive to create feel-good spaces that perform effortlessly.

TickBox Design produces accurate CAD layouts and 3D renders.  By approaching projects in this way and developing these initial design stages, they can either offer full design services or aid clients to visualise their ideas and realise their creative style with confidence. If you need any CAD drawings for any project you can contact Hazel at TickBox Design on 07889 305 190

If you would like to add a shipping container bar to your garden, or you have another container conversion project in mind please do get in touch!

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