‘Bowed’ bottom rail on 40ft High Cube Side Opening Shipping Containers

40ft High Cube Side Opening Shipping Containers are highly sought after for storage. The convenience of having bi-fold doors to access the entire side of the container makes them ideal for storage of items with easy access when they are needed, without having to empty half the container to find what you are looking for.

As no shipping lines use these side opening containers to move freight around the world they are usually only available as one-trip (new) units. If we ever have a used 40ft side opening container available, it’s down to a customer who has previously brought one from us, and who has asked us to buy it back. As these are a very specialist item we have not yet bought any back from customers previously supplied with a one trip (new) 40ft side opening shipping container.

The bi-fold doors add extra weight to these containers, meaning they weigh 6 to 6 1/2 tons rather than under 4 tons for a standard high cube container.

This additional weight means these containers need to have thicker bottom rails than standard containers, and some of the newer ones have a new design of bottom rail. This new design incorporates a bow in the rail to provide greater strength supporting the container. At first glance it can look like the bottom rail is bent out of shape which has concerned some customers that have bought these.

The bow in the rail means that, when unloaded, the centre of the bottom rail does not sit flat on the floor. The ends will be on the ground but the middle is raised slightly to help take the huge weights that it may need to support.

These pictures show the bottom rails quite clearly:

40ft side opening container back
This is the non-door side of a 40ft High Cube shipping container. Note the thick bottom rail, on this side it is square and sits on the ground.
40ft side opening container doors
This picture shows the same container from the other side. Note the gap under the bottom rail in the centre. Only the very ends of the rail are in contact with the ground when unladen. The rail is thicker at the ends than in the middle.

Shipping container designs are constantly reviewed and updated, so it’s not uncommon for new features to appear on them when they arrive in the country. Exact designs of shipping containers are very commercially sensitive and are not commonly shared by the design owner. There are also some differences from one supplier to the next, so some features, like this bottom rail, or the internal headroom available can differ slightly from one supplier to the next. We often aren’t aware of these changes until the containers are available for sale or delivered to site. In the case of the container above the first we were aware of the design change was when a customer called, concerned that their container was bent! Other common changes to design include variances in thicknesses of the top and bottom rails, changes in numbers and positions of vents and lashing points, and updates to designs of door opening gear. If any of these elements are crucial for your use of the container please check these details with us at the point of order.

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