Shipping Container with Skids

Shipping Container with sliding skids for Earlswood Methodist Church

A customer recently got in contact to ask about moving a shipping container on grass. Now usually we advise against delivering or moving a container on grass due to the risk of rot and the risk that a container could sink into the ground over time, but we had a plan…

The space available was not large enough for a standard 20ft container, so we custom built a 16ft container with skids attached to the bottom rails. The church was going to be storing various low value items for their annual fete in the container, so a treatment of Grafotherm was also added to protect against condensation. We also provided a lock box (high security padlock cover) and padlock to secure it.

Difficult Container Delivery

Given the complexity of the delivery we went out to the site with our trusty tape measure and got to work. The turn into the car park was very tight for one of our delivery vehicles, but, with the gate unhinged, we worked out that we could just about get in. Overhanging trees may have also been a problem, our trucks need a minimum of 15ft headroom when moving. We measured the branch height on the trees and found that there was just enough clearance for our truck.

The next problem was getting the container over the grass into position. As our vehicles cannot run over grass in normal circumstances,we were going to need to think out of the box a little on this one. It was clear from the time of year that delivery was needed and the general ground condition that it would be a big risk for our truck to run over this grassy area.

Delivering a shipping container over grass – bespoke solution

Delivering a shipping container across a grassy area is not an uncommon request. commonly when the ground conditions suit our drivers may be prepared to put their trucks on grass but in this case the ground was going to be too boggy and was uneven and even with dry ground we would not be confident our truck would not get stuck. This is why in this instance we proposed adding skids to the bottom of the shipping container to allow them to drag this shipping container into position across the small grassy area.

The skids are fitted to the bottom of the shipping container permanently, and not only work as runners to push or pull the container over a soft surface, but also add additional structural strength to the container, and serve to keep the container lifted off the ground to help protect against corrosion from below.

We’re very happy to report that the delivery plan worked perfectly and the Methodist church were very happy with their new storage container, winched into position underneath trees and well hidden from the critical eyes of the congregation!

If you need a shipping container delivering across a grassy area please ensure to make this very clear to us as we will need to undertake additional checks to ensure your delivery goes smoothly.

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