21ft x 9ft Offices Manchester (Used)

  • 21ft long x 9ft wide office units for sale.
  • Anti-vandal doors and windows.
  • Lined and insulated with electrics.
  • Repainted externally in your choice of color.
  • Sink units with water boilers
  • Good quality, cost effective office units.
Price from: £2,995.00 +VAT

How to order

To order or enquire about this product please contact us quoting reference 8946

Product Description

These 21ft x 9ft office units are available from our Manchester depot. They are available with kitchen sink unis and water boilers or as an open plan option.

As with everything we sell these are fully checked over and offered in good operational order. The structure as well as the working parts are all checked over and if necessary repaired before sale. As we buy in a large batch of these in one go the exact nature of repairs from one container to the next may vary slightly.

Sold with our wind and watertight guarantee and a basic electrical check, all of these units are sold in good working order and should be good for many years of use. The structure and any repairs are all covered by our 12 month wind and watertight guarantee.

These are available as basic units without a clean inside and without a fresh external repaint (but still with an electrical check) or we can do a full refurbishment for you which includes a deep clean inside and a repaint outside in your choice of colour.

As with all containers with electrics that we sell, you will require a qualified electrician to install these once delivered. This is a service we can offer as well but it will come with an additional charge. As formal electrical certification is only valid at the address the work is undertaken at, the electrical check we provide may not be suitable for some setups and you will need the electrician who is installing your unit to test the unit again and offer you any certification you need.

These can make exceptional temporary, starter or overflow office units for a wide range of potential uses. Lead time typically 1-2 weeks from receipt of order and payment (depending on exact option needed)

Prices for these used 21ft x 9ft office containers

Basic open plan office container, with electrical check but without repaint or internal clean out, £2995 + VAT each

With sink and water boiler, +£125 + VAT (Subject availability of stock)

With external repaint and clean out, +£450 + VAT

All prices are plus delivery from our Manchester depot and subject to availability.

Repaint price includes darker shades or marine grade paint. If you require a lighter shade this may require an additional base coat whcih will be an additional £220 + VAT. We over-spray the original colour so we do not guarantee exact shade matching with this service.

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