Shipping Container Bridge Clamps

  • Supplied in sets of 4 clamps
  • Heavy duty 260mm long construction for stacking or locking containers together
    • Heavy duty 380mm variants also available on request
  • Tightening nut is 50mm across the flats
  • Hot dip galvanised steel
  • Secure stacked containers without the need to lift the containers again
  • Usually held in stock and available 3 – 5 working days


Price from: £172.00 +VAT

How to Order

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We are open 8:30am – 5pm, Weekdays

Product Description

If you want to stack one shipping container on top of another and ensure that it can’t get blown or pushed off the one below then we offer a couple of great solutions. While the most popular option is shipping container interlocks (also called stackers or twistlocks) these are not always the most viable option, especially if you’ve already stacked the containers but we do recommend these interlocks over bridge camps where possible, the interlocks are many times stronger. Unlike the Interlocks, our Shipping Container Bridge Clamps can be added after two containers have already been stacked on top of one another.

260mm Bridge Clamps come in a set of four costing £172 + VAT per set of 4 clamps. Four clamps is a minimum order quantity. Other larger quantities over 20 units available at discounted rates on request – please contact us with all enquiries and quotes. 380mm long bridge clamps also available on request.

These shipping container bridge clamps work horizontally as well as vertically meaning that if you want two containers positioned next to each other nice and tight, these bridge clamps can be easily fitted, wound up, and they will pull together the two containers. Offering a very neat and tidy finish (please be advised containers need to be on a level hard-standing surface already very close together before bridge clamps can be applied – they are not for example going to close a gap of 40mm!). If your containers are sat on the ground, rather than being raised off the floor, you will have limited space to rotate the spanner so fitting the bridge clamps on the lower corner castings will require time and patience.

Shipping Container Bridge clamps will secure the stacked containers without the need to lift them again. A very popular option for self storage yards or stacked containers being used as welfare units.

We do recommend our range of stackers or interlocks to be a better overall solution, they are much stronger and thicker than these bridge clamps, but they can only be put in place whilst the containers are being stacked. If you’ve already had your containers delivered and now need to secure them, these are in ideal solution.

Do I need them when stacking containers?

Empty containers can very occasionally blow off the top of empty container stacks, many office containers and other containers that you might consider to be nearly empty in terms of cargo inside you can consider to be empty.

Their capacity to blow off will be down to how much weight is in each shipping container, how exposed these containers are to prevailing winds, how strong the wind is, how the containers are orientated in relation to the wind direction, and how high they are stacked.

In all honesty, if your top container is loaded with very heavy weights, and if you’re only stacking 2 high you can probably get away without any clamps or interlocks. However, the price of a pack of clamps is an awful lot cheaper than the shipping containers, which in turn are generally worth a considerable amount less than anything your going to be putting inside these units. We recommend these as a matter of course for any empty stacked containers or any containerised units that will have people working inside.

How to Install

  • Open bridge clamp by twisting shaft until a minimum distance between grips of approx 200mm is achieved.
  • Insert bridge clamp across adjacent corner castings as shown, ensuring grip hooks are inside corner casting.
  • Rotate shaft to tighten grips using central spanner point.
  • Tighten lock nut up to adjacent grip to ensure clamp it not easy to loosen.


260mm Bridge Clamps come in a set of four costing £172.00 + VAT per set of 4 clamps.

380mm Bridge Clamps also come in a set of four £POA

Four clamps is a minimum order quantity. Other larger quantities available at discounted rates on request (20 units or more in a single order) – please contact us with all enquiries and quotes.

All prices include carriage to UK mainland addresses.


Essentially once they are on that’s it. No more fiddling. No more lifting. Once fitted though it is advised the clamps be checked on a scheduled basis. It is essential they remain tight because over time they will, no doubt, come slightly loose if the containers on top or below are having the doors opened/closed and items loaded/unloaded regularly. One solution we have seen a lot of customers use is to lock the 50mm nut in place by welding it or similar.

These are not designed for:

  • Hanging a container on the front of another stacked container for any form of overhanging unit
  • Hanging a container down from the underside of a top container, gantry or other item at height
  • Pulling, pushing or otherwise being used to move a shipping container
  • Locking multiple containers together to allow you to lift more than 1 container at a time.

Our shipping container bridge clamps are designed to allow a container on top or next two another container to be locked into place so its safe and secure. These bridge clamps are not designed or tested for other uses and we cannot guarantee their safety for use for any other purpose. Do not move any container while they are locked together. Remove the bridge clamps and move containers one at a time.

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