1001 Uses for a Shipping Container #195: An Escape Room!

Escape Rooms have become increasingly popular in recent years.  The aim of the game is for a group of players to be locked into a themed room where they must face a number of challenges and work together to solve puzzles and collect clues to find a way out – it’s a little bit like the Crystal Maze but without Richard O’Brien.

Escape Rooms have been popping up around the UK for a while.  They do not generally take up a huge amount of space and can be created inside a normal-sized retail outlet – so they are great for providing a new attraction in your local area and have been cited as an innovative way of livening up some of the UK’s increasingly deserted high streets.

What’s an Escape Room?

Challenger Escapes created an Escape Room in a 40ft shipping container

The idea of the Escape Room is beautifully simple, but the challenges and puzzles that you face inside are generally not!  Escape Rooms often take on a theme and some committed players travel the country searching for their new Escape Room challenge to break.

But what if we told you that there is also a way that you can get a shipping container to travel to you?

We recently discovered a new style of Escape Room which is built-in – you guessed it! – a converted shipping container!  Shipping container conversions do not come much cooler than this!

Escape Room in a 40ft Container

Challenger Escapes have created a portable Escape Room that is housed inside a bespoke 40ft ISO shipping container!  Back in 2019, it completed a tour of the UK, and now it can be delivered to your place of work to provide an exciting and interactive corporate team building experience for your workforce, or perhaps as a cool party activity – if you have space.

The game – named COMPROMISED! – was created in conjunction with the team behind Boxpark.  Boxpark Shoreditch was launched in 2011 as the world’s first pop-up mall which also happens to be built from disused shipping containers.  Now, the team behind it has helped to diversify the humble shipping container even further by helping to turn it into an exciting and interactive escape challenge!

How to create a shipping container Escape Room

When you think about it, shipping containers are the ideal base for an Escape Room!  They are easily customisable – adding roller shutters, doors, windows, ventilation, and atmospheric lighting is all part of the shipping container conversion service!  At Budget Shipping Containers we are no strangers to repainting shipping containers into custom colours to fit company branding and you can add on an eye-catching logo or signwriting onto the exterior of the container which is a fairly simple next step.

If you decided to update the theme of your shipping container Escape Room every year or two, it would be an easy enough process to strip out the existing game and introduce a new theme or set of challenges.

You would also be assured of high security as a shipping container is notoriously difficult to break into which is an excellent deterrent for any intruders who fancied their chances.  You can browse some of our shipping container security options here, or a member of our team would be more than happy to discuss these with you.

As for location – if you can provide easy access for our delivery vehicles, and hard-standing ground then we can deliver the container to you.  If in future years you decided to take your container on the road as Challenger Escapes did, or if you decided to change the address then moving your shipping container would be much easier than trying to find a new building and negotiating a new lease or sale.

Get in touch

So, if you are searching for a new activity to enjoy with your friends or colleagues, get Googling!  Or if you are looking to set up an Escape Room business of your own, please get in touch!

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Image credit: https://www.challengerescapes.com/

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