40ft Shipping Container for Cycling Club Hackney

In May 2017 we supplied a 40ft refurbished shipping container to Cycling Club Hackney. Keir, one of their lead coaches, said he needed safe and secure storage for their club’s bikes and other equipment.

One of our team then discussed with them the full range of options we have available. We concluded that a refurbished shipping container was perfect as it gave the club ample storage at an unbeatable price, and the marine grade repaint ensured a much smarter and neater finish over a basic used container, whilst saving around £1000 on the price of buying new.

They also wanted us to supply and fit appropriate fittings to one of the long sides of the ex shipping container so they could attach one of their own bike racks. Our conversion team in London got to work straight away and reinforced the side of the shipping container and added a rail internally for Cycling Club Hackney to then fix their own rack.

First the container was installed at their site. Check out our handy guide on how to place a shipping container on site for storage use for tips on how to place a shipping container on your own site for best use and life.

Then the club then fitted their own cycle rack to the modified side of the 40ft shipping container. As you can see from the picture above on the right side the bikes are stored in such a way that there is still plenty of room for other storage as well as allow ease of access to the bikes themselves.

Our refurbished containers all come with a fresh coat of paint (see our shipping container paint options) using a high quality marine grade paint finish. They also come with a high security lock box (padlock housing) which helps deter thieves looking for a quick entrance. This was needed for the club as they were storing high quality bikes and wanted a high security solution.

Our container conversion teams across the country are capable of converting a shipping container to fit your exact needs. So please contact us if you would like a quote for a shipping container and the modifications your require, or feel free to browse our online range to find the best shipping container for you.

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