Flat Pack Storage Container for Glossop Bowls Club

Our flat pack storage containers have become very popular recently. In the summer we were pleased to deliver a flat pack storage container to our customers at Glossop Bowls Club in Glossop, Derbyshire.

Flat pack storage containers offer a safe, secure, and budget-friendly option for a range of uses. This could include security huts, office space, and site cabins – and in the case of our customers in Glossop – they are ideal for storage too! 2m x 2m flat pack

Flat pack storage container for hard to access spaces

Our flat pack storage containers are exceptionally easy to transport and assemble, and they don’t cost the earth.  They are ideally suited for hard to access or enclosed spaces such as gardens, and courtyards.

Glossop Bowling Club requested a 3 x 2 flat pack storage container in Green RAL 6005 (these particular containers can also be supplied in standard Galvanised Steel or Blue RAL 5010 (see all 3 options below). The available space for this container was quite confined which would be far too restricted for a standard shipping container – however, our 3 x 2 flat pack storage option was an ideal fit!

Our flat pack containers are delivered ready to assemble, all that is needed to put them together is a 13mm and 19mm spanner and a socket set with a 13mm and 19mm socket, plus a screwdriver – and of course, a small team of willing helpers.  All of these were in attendance when our delivery truck arrived at Glossop Bowls Club!

Glossop Bowling Experts Become Expert Storage Container Builders!

You don’t need to be an expert container builder to put together one of our flat pack containers!  Our easy-to-follow assembly instructions and the necessary nuts and bolts are included with your container – we have even created this helpful assembly video to help familiarise you with the container, and provide some handy assembly tips too:

The team at Glossop were fully prepared to build their container and had done some excellent preparation work in leveling off the ground where it would be placed.  Preparing the ground before you build your flat pack container and put the base panel into place is really important, and ideally, you need a nice flat, level surface.  We know that this is not always possible, and if needed you could choose our optional extra set of adjustable leveling feet which will make assembling the container much easier.

Assembling the flat pack container

The base panel of the container is the heaviest part and you will need a team of helpers to lift it into place!  The base panel of a 3 x 2 container as ordered by Glossop Bowling Club weighs 120kg. Once this is in place, the side and roof panels can be fitted easily.

The club members told us that they were very impressed with the quality and relative ease [of assembling the flat pack container] in such a confined space!  As you can see from the photographs they sent us, they certainly look like a very cheerful bunch of builders!

Security of a Flat Pack Storage Container

Thanks to their flat pack container, Glossop Bowls Club now has secure on-site storage for their equipment.  The container is a sturdy structure built from steel panels,  strengthened with a galvanized steel frame.  Each flat pack container is issued with 2×5 cylinder locks as standard, and we can also supply an additional locking bar and padlock if you feel you need any extra level of security for your container and contents.

Thank you to our customers in Glossop! 3 happy customers in front of their completed flat pack storage container

It was an absolute pleasure to supply Glossop Bowls Club with their new flat pack storage container!  Glossop has been home to a crown bowling green for over 100 years, and today the club shares the ground with Glossop Cricket Club.  The club is home to eight bowling teams and also hosts tournaments and matches throughout their season. There is also a clubhouse and function room on the site.  For more information about Glossop Bowling Club, please visit their website! 

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