Information Kiosk Container for Norwich Council

We produced this information kiosk for Norwich Council. The kiosk is located at a Park & Ride and is used to pass out local information to visitors when they use the Park & Ride service.

Custom length

The unit had to be a specific length to fit in the allocated space and was cut down to 13ft in length from a new 20ft DV (standard height) shipping container. The client wanted the unit to look as tidy as possible hence the use of the one trip container.

To cut to length, we removed the cargo door end, cut off the excess container material and then put the cargo door end back on to the remaining part of the container. We then seam welded the pieces together and re-painted the entire container using a high-quality marine grade paint using the colour the client wanted – RAL6001.

Fit out

We then added one of our high security personnel doors, 2 no. security shuttered windows and a servicing hatch that opened upwards.

The serving hatch was made in our depot and fitted with gas struts to hold the hatch in place when opened.

Once the door, windows and serving hatch were fitted, we then added internal stud work between which, we then fitted insulation (Rockwool) over which we fitted melamine lining.

Melamine lining was chosen as it’s easy to clean and provide a very nice appearance for any visitors who collected information from the staff working in the kiosk.

We then installed a high-quality non-slip vinyl floor as specified by the client.

Our electrician then installed trunking, 13A sockets, lights, and a broadband data point and phone line.

Shipping containers are ideal for conversion into information and ticket kiosks and can be moved to other location as and when required.

As well as kiosks, we convert containers to make food and beverage serving units, cafes, bars, temporary offices for construction sites, changing rooms, drying rooms, welfare units and more.

We’ve also converted containers into tack rooms, mobile DJ units and classrooms.

Flat pack kiosks

Whilst we can convert a shipping container into a ticket or information kiosk, for anyone wanting a more mobile solution that they can put on to a trailer, we sell flat pack kiosk containers in 3 and 4m lengths.

The flat pack kiosk can be quickly assembled and is demountable. It can be assembled within 1 couple of hours following arrival at site. It has an integrated personnel door, gas strut supported serving hatch and insulation. Electrics are not provided for the flat pack kiosks. Read more on our range of flat pack containers.

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