Shipping Container Deliveries for Coronavirus or COVID-19

Budget Shipping Containers has seen an increase in demand for shipping containers that are being utilized for unique uses during the Coronavirus outbreak. At this time we are offering to prioritise deliveries for any essential industries including healthcare.

All jobs for essential industries being taken on at present are being prioritised , this does mean any non- essential work may be put back or postponed at short notice to allow for priority works.

Some shipping containers are used simply for on-site secure storage for additional NHS supplies. Others like this example are to help surgery and pharmacy staff to reduce their potential exposure to COVID-19 whilst passing our prescriptions and other medications.

Short lead time for container conversions:

This shipping container was turned round within 3-days of order out of our London depot. The unit was fitted with 3 of our security/shuttered windows in one long side of the container and, in the front-end (the end opposite the cargo doors), we fitted a double width personnel door. Ordinarily a job like this would be offered a 2-3 week lead time.

Of course, the task wasn’t made any easier as our personnel door supplier had shutdown it’s operation owing to the Coronavirus outbreak. So, our ever-resourceful depot fabricated their own doors to fit into this unit.

Once completed, the unit was given an external re-spray with a dark blue marine paint.

Shipping Container delivery to Melksham:

Delivery of the container is to a client in Wiltshire using a Hiab equipped vehicle to move the container in to position outside the front door of the pharmacy. No installation of setting up is required, once this converted shipping container is off the lorry and on the ground its ready for use.

Converted Shipping Container for Pharmacy collections:

The container is situated such that the personnel doors will be up-against the doors of the pharmacy. The pharmacy door opens in to the store and our personnel doors open into the container.

This configuration allows staff to bring prescriptions and other medications out of the pharmacy and into the container from which, customers are served through the security windows. This ensures that staff remain within a relatively safe zone when serving customers.

It also allows customers to remain a safe distance from one another and from staff.

In addition to helping to maintain social distancing during the Coronavirus outbreak, the container provides additional security for the pharmacy as it is placed tight up against the building thus preventing anyone from attempting to break-in.

The cargo doors on the container are fitted with a heavy-duty lock box, to prevent cutters being used on the padlock beneath and we provided an insurance rated 80mm Squire padlock.

This particular padlock is CEN 4 rated and has a 6-pin tumbler mechanism offering some 260,000 different combinations. It also features a 80mm hardened steel body and a 12mm hardened boron steel shackle.

I think, we all know, too well, the devastating affect that Coronavirus us having on the world; it’s people and the economy.

Whilst we aren’t trying to capitalize on the COVID-19 situation, we provide this information to demonstrate how useful shipping containers can be whatever the situation or requirement.

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