Shipping Container for the Durham Ox, Shrewley

April 2023 and we had the chance to call into The Durham Ox in Shrewley Common, Warwickshire to check out a 10ft storage container we supplied in 2018. Famed as an extra special country pub set in beautiful Shrewley, a stones throw from local hotpots in Hatton as well as historic Warwick and Leamington Spa.  The Durham Ox is well known locally as one of the best locations for countryside food and drinks in the region. With a sizeable bar and restaurant, the site also benefits from a huge garden with teepee tent, outdoor covered areas with their own bar service and lot of space. Considering the number of high-quality gastro pubs and restaurants in the area – standing out from the crowd is no mean feat!

Here are some pics of the gorgeous Durham Ox taken from their Facebook page:

10ft Shipping Container for the Durham Ox in Shrewley, Warwickshire

We were contacted by Adrian and the team in 2018, as they were nearing the end of a refit that added capacity to the pub and restaurant, they were looking for a place to securely store some of their spare kitchen items & used cooking oil before it is collected for recycling. They needed something cost-effective, it needed to be presentable, and they needed it in a hurry to be in place for the reopening.

Never to be put off by a tall order, we checked our own stocks and also the stocks of our local suppliers to see what we may have that was suitable. Normally we make up used and refurbished quality 10fts to order, giving a minimum 2 week lead time. In this case, the customer did not have that time available so we needed to find a 10ft container that was ready to go.

Of course, with a bit of scouting, we had just the answer, a 10ft, repainted grey with a lock box so beefy you’d be mad to try and cut it with an angle grinder (under CCTV cameras, on a busy part of a site, in a small village where everyone will hear you!) If you did go to this effort, and get away with it – you’d be pretty upset to find the contents of the container to be nearly worthless!

Fortunately, in this case, we can even show you how well it has aged since being supplied to the site.

How long does a shipping container last?

Here are some pictures taken in our yard just before we delivered this to the customer in 2018.

And here are some pictures of the same shipping container taken from the site in 2023.

So over 4 years and 8 months on-site in total, you can see some paint face and a few scrapes from sitting in a pub car park for nearly 5 years, a tiny bit of moss on a side that doesn’t get much sun is not unusual to see. But this unit is holding up very well and looks set to offer well over 5 more years of quality storage, with minimal to no maintenance. There are zero signs of defects or issues that will cause weather ingress or problems for its current owner, even if well out of guarantee.

This is great to see but nothing unexpected. We often suggest expecting around 10i years of solid use from a used or refurbished shipping container, and often up to twice this lifespan from a one-trip or new quality shipping container. In fairness these estimates we feel are often conservative and many customers report getting much longer life from their shipping containers when used for storage.

We’d like to thank Adrian and the team at the Durham Ox for their business, it is especially nice seeing this unit service you so well after a good length of time!

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