Outdoor use Solar Powered Light

  • Wireless solar light, ideal for large yards and rural setups
  • Light up your yard setup without the need for electrical connections
  • Integrated motion sensor switches the light on when it senses movement
  • Light lasts up to 8 hours with a full charge
  • Compatible with our Shipping Container Utility Pole (pole NOT included)
  • Easy to install and setup
Price from: £65.00 +VAT

How to Order

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Product Description

Our range of wireless solar powered lighting units are ideal for large yards and rural locations. It can make moving and working in poor light conditions much safer whilst saving a small fortune on dedicated electrics. Being solar powered there are also no ongoing energy costs. These are ideal to setup in remote yard locations to help safety and security.

During daylight hours the Poly-crystalline solar panel charges the integral lithium-ion battery. When dark the motion sensor will detect movement and turn the light on.

These aren’t just great for yard and rural settings, these also work very well in residential settings (front and back gardens, driveways, post boxes, light up dark alleyways or access routes, outside garden sheds and more)

These LED lights come with a remote control to allow you to increase or dim the light intensity and to allow you to change the time the light stays on when activated. (full list of options in the technical info below)

You will need a suitable bracket or similar to mount this onto. Fortunately our Shipping Container Utility pole comes with a universal bracket that will fit these lights. For use without our pole we understand these universal brackets are readily available. These lights can be screwed directly into a flat surface, you will require 2x construction screws or similar that are not included with this kit.

These are also IP65 waterproof rated and designed for use outdoors.

Technical Specs for Outdoor use Solar Powered Light

Solar panel: 3W Poly Crystalline solar panel

Battery Pack: 3.7V 6000mAh via 3x 18650 lithium ion battery

Infrared Sensor: Detection distance 6-12 meters. Detection range: 90 degree spread left to right, 120 degree spread up to down.

LED Light / Luminance: 30x LED / 8 Watt / 960 lumen at peak power

Charging Time: 10 hours under full sun / ideal conditions

Working Temperature: -20 to +60 degrees Celsius

Installation recommendation: 2-4 metres high, 8-12 metres apart.

Waterproof Class: IP65

Remote Control, Option 1) Power on/off Option 2) Led dimmer (+ for power up – for power down), Option 3) Set lighting time (10 seconds, 30 seconds, 60 seconds, 90 seconds, 120 seconds, 240 seconds)

General Instillation and product advice

  • When setting up the solar light, avoid the solar panel falling into shade (eg when mounted onto a building) as this will reduce the ability for the light to fully charge.
  • All lights are shipped without charge in the battery for safety reasons. You will need to charge this before use (we suggest turn the light off, and leave it under the sun for 2 days)
  • When the ambient temperature is very high, the detection distance will be reduced. This will rarely be an issue in the UK.
  • South facing lighting units will pick up more light than if they face East or West. North facing will pick up the least light.
  • To test or demonstrate the light, you can cover the solar panel with your hand. The light sensor will think its dark and the light will come on.

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