Shipping Container Utility Pole for Lights or CCTV

  • Utility pole for all types of ISO Shipping Container
  • Locks into the corner casting on any shipping container
  • Steel pole with plastic cover and plastic cap. Includes universal floodlight bracket.
  • Allows you to add lighting, CCTV cameras or motion sensors as required
  • 3 different pole lengths available (510mm, 600mm & 940mm)
  • Light fittings shown in photos NOT included.
Price from: £62.50 +VAT

How to Order

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Product Description

These shipping container utility poles are a neat and easy way to add CCTV or lighting to any yard setup that has shipping containers.

Easy and simple to install they fix into the corner casting of any ISO (international standard) shipping container and are immediately ready for use. the Bracket at the top of the pole fixes on and you can then fix any lighting, cctv, motion sensors or other items to this bracket. There are 3 sizes available, you may need one of the longer ones if planning to fit several items to a single pole or just want your lighting / CCTV to be at a higher level.

This neat product is simple to install and durable. There is no welding or special skills involved to fit this and if required these can easily be taken down and moved to a new position.

This can help light yards and open space to make moving and working in the yard a lot safer. Self storage yards find these very useful as many are 24 hours operations and they will routinely have customers coming into the site after dark to load or unload goods from their shipping container, and these same self storage yards often require solid CCTV coverage of the site as well.

Also ideal for customers who use their containers at events, from bars and toastie stands to coffee shops, a couple of lights at the front of the container (at ‘venue’) can make the container stand out better as well as providing a safer environment for customers outside of daylight hours. Great for remote sites and music festivals too.

Installation is so easy these don’t even need instructions. No special tools or skills are needed, apart from perhaps a small ladder. Please check out this video:


For single storage container use, when used with a motion sensor light this can make accessing the shipping container in the dark a lot easier and safer.  If your container is in a remote spot you may want CCTV monitoring the container (or use any CCTV mounted on these poles on your container at a distance to keep an eye on your house or other areas of your property?)

Shipping Container Utility Pole Prices

1x Single Shipping Container Utility Pole 510mm: £62.50 + VAT

10 or More 510 mm Utility Poles: £45.50 each.


Single Shipping Container Utility Pole 600mm : £70.50 + VAT

10 or More 600mm Utility Poles: £57.50 + VAT each.


Single Shipping Container Utility Pole 940mm : £80.00 + VAT

10 or More 940 mm Utility Poles: £68.50 + VAT each


Prices include UK mainland courier delivery (except highlands). Bulk order enquiries welcome. Smaller volumes typically held in stock and are ready to go.



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