Shipping Container Bone Dry Dampsticks

  • Easy to use and they start working as soon as out of the pack
  • Minimal space occupied as they fit between container corrugations
  • Each Dampstick holds up to 2 litres of captured moisture – when the stick becomes full it can be taken out and disposed easily.
  • Will not allow moisture to return – the membrane is one-way, stopping moisture escaping.
  • ‘anti-spill’ design so even when dropped there is no mess!
  • Suitable for everything from textiles and leather to electronics and machinery
  • Range of effective working temperatures
  • Lasts up circa 12 weeks per treatment


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How to Order

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Product Description

We are a supplier of shipping container Bone Dry Dampsticks. These offer a great value condensation prevention solution designed to be hung on the wall of a shipping container.

When a Dampstick is removed from its packaging and placed in a container it starts working immediately. The white squares on the stick are ‘non return’ membrane pads which absorb any moisture in the air. The water collected is stored in the base of the damp stick and once it’s full (around 2 litres) it I easy to empty and, being plastic, it is easy to dispose of.

These moisture traps are an ideal solution for anyone looking for a temporary & condensation free storage option when working with shipping containers. Most popular applications we see would be for the storage or house contents including furniture and textiles during house renovations and rebuilds, or for smaller industrial or commercial customers who may want to temporarily store condensation sensitive stock or material in a shipping container perhaps during seasonal peaks.

How to Use a Container Dampstick

A fully absorbed Bone Dry Dampstick will weigh 2.5kg so it is essential they hang on a good solid support (most of our shipping containers will have lugs or hooks which are usually used for strapping but they would suit purpose nicely.) Instructions are included but its as simple as opening the pack and hanging it up! The hook will be folded down on purchase, simply push into aperture, twist 90 degrees then hang it up in an easily viewable place – so you can regularly check the level.

To drain a full Bone Dry Dampstick you must puncture a hole in the top two membrane coverings and turn upside down over a bucket or drain.

We recommend dipsticks for use in moisture sensitive export shipment as well as short to medium term moisture sensitive static storage (e.g. storing your household items including fabrics and clothes in a container whilst you renovate)

Dampstick Prices

We recommend that for a 20ft container you use around 2-6 Dampsticks and for a 40ft 6-12 Dampsticks (of course these are only guidelines and the overall condensation prevention level in your container is entirely up to you – if you would like any advise please call us)

One Dampstick under normal conditions will treat an approx. 32 cubic metre space.


  • 1x single Dampstick £ OUT OF STOCK
  • 2x Dampsticks £ OUT OF STOCK
  • 4x Dampsticks £ OUT OF STOCK
  • 6x dampsticks £ OUT OF STOCK
  • 8x Dampsticks £ OUT OF STOCK
  • 16x Dampsticks £ OUT OF STOCK

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