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Shipping Container Skates

  • Heavy Duty Shipping Container Skates
  • Load rating of 1500kg per Wheel
  • 150mm wheel diameter
  • Simple twist to lock mechanism
  • Swivel caster system
  • Nationwide delivery
  • Move shipping containers around with ease
  • Sold as set of 4 – £1090 +VAT!!
Price from: £1,090.00 +VAT

How to order

To order or enquire about this product please contact us quoting reference 6043

Product Description

Shipping Container Skates are a vital piece of equipment for any freight forwarder or logistics contractor who needs to move loaded containers around site. Mush as they sound they are effectively a big set of industrial roller skates for a shipping container, which can allow you to skate a container into an otherwise difficult to reach location, eg inside buildings or warehouses, or underneath cables or branches (which would otherwise interfere with our cranes)

The skates allow shipping containers to be moved around site with relative ease and avoids the cost of getting a haulier in to do a site move! All they need is hard standing and smooth ground to operate on and they can be pushed into position.

These skates simply plug into the corner castings on a shipping container. You may need a jack or similar to jack the container up to allow you to slot these into the corner casting. With a 1.5 tonne capacity per wheel these skates can move an empty container of any size around a yard or warehouse environment. Care of this capacity they are generally not suitable for moving loaded shipping containers whcih can weight in up to 30 tonnes.

Please be advised these only work on a very smooth surface. these are not suitable for use on any loose ground (eg gravel) and they will not cope with big divots, potholes, curbs or steps in a concrete or tarmac surface. The wheels themselves only have a few mm clearance even if they are 30cm in diameter.

We do get customers who also need a shipping container delivered inside a barn or hangar but our trucks cannot get through! The skates are a perfect solution, our delivery drivers can lift the container into the air, you can then fit the skates and lock them into place, from there you can push the container through the hangar doors and into a suitable position.

Delivery cost does depend on your location, so please get in touch with the team and they will be able to quote accordingly.

If you need a container skating into position as a one off job, please contact us as most of our hauliers can offer a skating service at additional cost. This will typically be a lot cheaper than buying your own set of skates and will come with all risk assessments, supervisors and insurance in place.  These skates are however ideal for any operation where you may wish to move shipping containers around on a regular basis without the need for large forklifts or mobile hiab crane vehicles.

Please note if ordering a delivery with us to include a skating service, please do not assume that the skates the haulier has are exactly the same as these. Many of our hauliers have different designs of container skates sourced over the years and often before this specific design was available to the marketplace.

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