Shipping Container Insulation

Our 20ft and 40ft DIY shipping container insulation kits provide an easy and cost-effective way to reduce condensation within a shipping or storage container, whilst providing good thermal insulation and it can help save money on refrigerated container costs for certain types of cargo that are being exported.

This really easy to install system consists of 4mm sheets of insulation that perform as well as polystyrene of about 55mm in thickness! This product is supplied in pre-measured rolls complete with thermal backing tape.

To install, you must take some simple precautionary measures including cleaning the inside of the container completely to remove any dust, dirt or grease as well as moisture. You then affix the insulation kit by applying the side of the product, that has the sticky tape, to the walls and ceiling of the container. And, that’s it, you’re all done! No messing about waiting for products to dry or having the expense of having your container insulated and ply-lined.

Whilst the other product we offer, Grafo-Therm is a good quality product that’s to date been considered the ‘de-facto’ solution to the problem of shipping container sweat, this new product not only acts as a moisture prevention barrier, it insulates your shipping container too!

The next advantage of this thermal insulation kit is that it can be applied to containers anywhere in the world within an hour. And, as there is no drying time like there is with Grafo-Therm, your container is ready to use within the hour.

If you own a self-storage yard and have containers that don’t have any form of condensation prevention, this really is an ideal, cost-effective and quick solution to getting your containers insulated quickly. Ply-lining and Grafo-Therm are added to containers in container depots and are not that easy to organise (and expensive) to do once the containers are on site.

Our DIY shipping container insulation kit provides a thermal barrier that slows the rate at which the air within the container cools down. It is this slowing down of the cooling process that prevents condensation build-up and the air pocket in the centre of the insulation material prevents the cold from the container’s exterior from ‘bridging’ the insulation.

How to install our insulation kit in your shipping container

For a 20ft shipping container insulation kit, it should take 2 people about 30 minutes to install the kit and about 45 minutes to 1-hour to install the 40ft insulation kit. No special tools or equipment are required. Just ensure all interior surfaces of the container are clean, grease, moisture and dust free and you’re ready to go.

You then peel the backing strip from the sticky tape and begin applying the product to the container. Start by finding the centre of the front-end wall, line the sheet up and begin applying as you move around the container working toward the doors. When you’ve done one side, do the other starting from the centre of the front-end. You can then apply the product to the ceiling starting from the front-end working toward the cargo doors. Once you’ve applied the insulation, simply seal the seams with ThermaSeal Tape. Finally, cut and fit the insulation to the doors.We suggest using a broom to help with the installation. This is especially useful and ensures the sticky tape follows the contours of the corrugated container walls and ceiling.

Do not apply if you see condensation on the interior of the container. Open the container doors and wait for the temperature to rise then re-check for signs of condensation. If all surfaces are condensation free, you are safe to apply the product. To be extra sure that the surfaces are moisture free, you could rub down using kitchen towel.

The basic insulation kit does not come with a panel for the floor and for most storage/self-storage uses, this really isn’t required. Your choice entirely of course!

For export use

If you are exporting cargo that is sensitive to fluctuations in temperatures or condensation and are currently using refrigerated shipping containers and are considering switching over to using this product in standard shipping containers, please contact us.

This really is an excellent quality and very cost effective solution for preventing condensation as well as insulating shipping containers. Small volumes are typically held in stock and available for delivery ASAP.

More information about these kits can be seen on our 20ft insulation kit page and our 40ft insulation kit page offer the UK’s largest online range of shipping containers for sale with a nationwide network of storage and conversion yards and crane equipped delivery vehicles.

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