A Guide to Secure Storage in Shipping Containers

Shipping Containers are an ideal solution if you are looking for somewhere secure to store personal belongings or items related to a business.  Furniture, work tools, retail stock, and archives are just a few items that you can store securely inside a Shipping Container (although even when we think we have discovered every possible use for Shipping Containers, our customers still manage to surprise us with another!)

Whatever you are storing inside your Shipping Container, you will want to ensure that it is as secure as possible. And while Shipping Containers are incredibly sturdy and secure, it is important to take all of the necessary steps to make yours as impenetrable as possible. In this helpful guide, we have rounded up our best tips for ensuring secure storage in your Shipping Container.

Shipping Container Lock Box

Shipping Containers are built from industrial-strength steel which will protect the contents from the elements when they are shipped around the world’s oceans.  While the exteriors are strong, the doors can leave the contents vulnerable to thieves or vandals if they are not fastened securely enough. A standard padlock is a start, but when it is left open to the elements there is a risk of it freezing and rusting over time. More importantly, if you padlock a shipping container shut without using a Lock Box, it’s very easy to jimmy the padlock off with a crowbar or similar. To beef up your padlock security, we recommend a Shipping Container Lock Box.

A Shipping Container Lock Box is an anti-vandal lock surround that is fitted to the cargo doors of your container to enclose and protect your padlock.  The Lock Box ensures that your padlock is only accessible from the underside which means it cannot be forced off, and no bolt cutters can get near it!

Lock Boxes have become so popular that they are now fitted as standard to all new (one trip) Shipping Containers.  If you order a used Shipping Container from us we can fit it with a Lock Box for you – you will need to specify this at the time of ordering your container.

You can also buy a self-fitting lock box from us and fit it yourself!  Watch our video on lock boxes for more information.

Shipping Container Padlocks

We offer two types of Shipping Container padlock.  Both of these are excellent options to secure your Shipping Container door – the CISA container padlock is generally the industry standard, and the Squire padlock is manufactured in Britain but otherwise, the choice is yours!

CISA container padlocks

CISA container padlocks are made from solid steel with a nickel-painted treatment. They are anti-cut and drill resistant which would make it difficult for even the most determined thief to penetrate one.  CISA padlocks are generally regarded as the industry standard, top-rated padlock option for Shipping Containers.

CISA padlock can be keyed alike (you can have one key to open multiple padlocks, ideal if you have a number of storage containers on site) and for self-storage yards these padlocks can also be individually keyed with a master key option.

Squire Stronghold container padlocks

Squire padlocks are manufactured in the UK and are insurance-rated (CEN-4 rated / high security), as well as being anti-cut and drill resistant. If you use an insurance rated padlock with a Lock Box, it’s likely much easier to add the contents of your shipping container to any insurance policy already covering that address or site.

Both padlock options are available to purchase from our website, please feel free to contact us if you have any questions at all.

Shipping Container Security Alarms

We believe that a Shipping Container with a correctly fitted Lock Box will generally provide adequate security, but we could never guarantee 100% security.  Where containers are stored in a remote location, or on occasions when a particularly determined thief wants to gain access to a container, an extra layer of security is important and a Shipping Container Security Alarm system is an excellent option to consider.  The Mobeye i110 container alarm is a long-life battery-powered GSM system with an integrated keypad, motion sensor, and siren.  This system is designed to work in small, enclosed spaces such as Shipping Containers, and is very easy to install.

For more information on this product, please take a look at the product information page on our website, or get in touch!

Extra security measures for your shipping container.

The common measures above are more than enough for an average customer to secure their container, which will generally put the contents of your container beyond your average opportunist or vandal.

We have in the past added additional security measures, we don’t want to provide too much detail on what’s involved in many cases, as we don’t want to provide a ‘how-to guide’ for criminals on what measures we can put into place, but here are some common extra options that we have done in the past for customers wanting an even higher level of security for their shipping container.

  • More Lock Boxes – placing more Lock Boxes on the doors in positions where it will be difficult or awkward to attack even if someone came tooled up with an angle grinder or similar.
  • Additional locking mechanisms – adding a separate and different locking system to the doors, meaning any would-be thief would need to come prepared to overcome 2 very different locking systems.
  • Hinge protection – a system would allow the doors to drop and jam and also be held in place, should someone come armed to cut the hinges off a shipping container.

What other steps can you take to secure your Shipping Container?

There are a few other factors that you could consider to make your Shipping Container more secure such as:

Location: If your container is storing high-value items, and you are able to, it may be advisable to avoid remote locations where the contents might be vulnerable to thieves or vandals.

Discretion: A big bonus of storage containers is their nondescript exterior! We would advise against any external modifications that might draw unwanted attention to your storage container or its contents such as branding, or logos that could provide any hint to the value of the items inside it.

CCTV: Installing security cameras to protect your Storage Container can also act as a deterrent. Whilst we don’t offer CCTV systems, we can assist with Shipping Container Utility Poles or Domino Clamps that can be used to attach your security cameras or lighting.

Lighting: Placing motion sensor lighting inside your Storage Container is an excellent health and safety measure, and can also assist with security.  These self-contained motion-sensor lights are an excellent option for lighting your container.  You can also install external security lights to deter any unwanted prowlers from approaching your container in poorly lit areas.

There are plenty of options to consider when looking to add security to your Storage Container, and our helpful team members are always available to advise and assist with any queries.  Overall, it is important to remember that Shipping Containers already offer extremely secure and adequate storage!  And these measures will only help to improve this further while providing you with peace of mind that your container contents are safe and secure.

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