Domino Clamps – Attach almost anything to a shipping container

  • Domino Clamps allowing you to fit items to the corner casting of any shipping container
  • Ideal for flags, lighting or CCTV poles, access stairs and more.
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Works with the end and side holes on a corner casting (not for use in top or bottom holes)
  • 1100 Kgs capacity when supporting weights going out from the side or end of a container,
  • 2000 Kgs capacity for any force applied parallel to a container side.
  • 4x M12 threaded holes allow you to bolt on attachments
  • Reusable
  • For use only with standard ISO 1161 shipping container corner castings
  • Made in the UK
Price from: £95.00 +VAT

How to Order

Call us free on 0808 1234 215 quoting reference 9268 or Request a Callback

We are open 8:30am – 7pm, Weekdays

Product Description

Universal fixing clamp for shipping container corner castings

Domino clamps are an ideal way to fix a large range of items to the corner castings of a shipping container. They are very easy to use and super tough.

For use on either the side or end holes on any ISO corner casting (they are not suitable for use in the top or bottom holes on a corner casting). These clamps easily lock into place using the Allen key provided. One fixed you can use the 1 or more of the 4x 20mm deep M12 threaded holes to attach any item to the domino clamp. You can either thread directly into the holes, or you can use M12 bolts to help fix anything with a mounting or fixing plate directly to the clamp.

M12 bolts are not included but widely available. Your choice of bolt may vary depending on the item you want to fix.

Ideal for large flag poles, lights and cctv poles. these can also be used for some staircases (please be aware our own staircases come with a fitting service and they typically mount into the middle position of a shipping container and not onto the end). These can also be used to help fix a wide range of other items to any shipping container or corner casting.

How to fit a domino clamp

This is as easy as it gets!

They will arrive in a fully tight / closed position.

First; undo the centre bolt using the 10mm hex key supplied. Ensure the inside of the clamp is free from debris and moving freely.

Insert the clamp into the side or end hole of any ISO 1161 corner casting. Keep the domino clamp logo upright. Allow the clamp to rest on the inside of the casting – this will help centre the clamp in the corner casting. Then using the 10mm hex key you can tighten up the clamp. You can then attach anything to this clamp using the M12 threaded screw holes.

To remove the clamp simply undo the centre bolt with your hex key, and you may want to keep a slight forward pressure on the bolt so it stays in position.

For long term use we recommend regular checks to ensure the centre bolt has not loosened, and if it has loosened, or if the container will be subject to vibrations – we recommend the use of a thread locking liquid or adhesive on the centre bolt.

What are domino clamps NOT designed for

The clamps are not designed to help you lift or move a shipping container, and these clamps will not work in the top or bottom holes of a shipping container corner casting (they will work in all the holes that are visable when looking at the side or end of a shipping container)

These must also be used with standard ISO corner castings. This does mean these will not work with a lot of Containex manufactured Products, and if someone has made or designed their own corner casting for any use whatsoever we cannot guarantee the suitability of the domino clamp. These are only designed for use in an ISO corner casting. Or course if you buy your shipping container from us we will help you here.

For products on our website, these domino clamps can be used on nearly every option available in our ‘shipping containers’ section, but not any of our flat pack or galvanized containers which come with non-ISO castings.

These clamps are £95 + VAT per clamp, plus £11 + VAT carriage on 1-4 units. £2.50 + VAT carriage per unit thereafter.  Typical order volumes are available from stock on a 2-3 working day expected lead time.




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