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Emergency Storage for East Surrey Hospital to help fight Coronavirus

Shipping Containers providing secure storage for Redhill hospital

As we all know the current Coronavirus pandemic has put huge pressure on health services across the world. In the UK the National Health Service has more than doubled the number of intensive care beds available, partly through the construction of the Nightingale and other temporary hospitals, with the rest being at existing regional hospitals. Every regional hospital has been working hard to increase capacity quickly, doing everything they can to ensure that they will be able to provide the care that their communities will need.

One-Trip 20ft RAL6007

How can shipping containers help fight Covid-19 (Coronavirus)?

East Surrey Hospital contacted us on Friday 27th March with an urgent requirement for three one-trip 20ft containers for storage of additional supplies needed to help Covid-19 patients. Speed of delivery was critical; these supplies would start arriving early the following week and the additional storage would be needed to be in place to store them. The containers were to be placed in the hospital car park, close to the entrances to the departments where the supplies would be needed.

Priority delivery for the NHS and key services

Templant DeliveryContainer storage depots usually require around 24 hours to get containers out and ready for collection, and hauliers typically book up around a week in advance, so we really needed to pull out all the stops to get these delivered in time. With the order confirmed at 3.45pm on the Friday we had just over an hour to arrange delivery for the Monday, so set to work!

Our storage depot in London was very happy to help and made arrangements to have the containers out and ready for collection by Monday morning. The delivery itself would be more of a challenge for our London hauliers, as they would need to postpone other jobs to make way for this one. Once told that this was a priority NHS requirement however, they rescheduled their other work to free up a vehicle first thing on Monday morning to make the deliveries.

The containers were successfully delivered on the morning of Monday 30th March, in plenty of time for the arrival of the supplies to be stored in them. A great result for East Surrey Hospital, and the least that we could do under the circumstances.

Budget Shipping Containers is committed to assisting the health service and key workers at this time in any way that we can. We are very happy to prioritise urgent deliveries for NHS and other essential services. Please give us a call if you have an urgent or emergency shipping container requirement and we’ll let you know what we can do for you.

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