Shipping Container Scams

We’ve been made aware of scammers selling shipping containers to unwitting customers. As of October 2018 these scams are currently active in the UK. We’ve been alerted to this by other container traders and unfortunately by customers who have fallen prey to these scammers. Unlike the various Ponzi schemes such as that operated by the Hong Kong-registered company Pacific Tycoon, as reported in the Australian magazine Money Magazine, this latest scam is targeted solely at [...]

Shipping Containers for the Crane Hire Industry

The majority of crane hire companies that we’ve worked with have used shipping containers for storing of spare parts for their cranes. However, one company, Baldwins Crane Hire Limited, has used our shipping containers and one of our canopies to create a covered work shop in their depot under which they undertake maintenance on their crane hire fleet. Their new workshop was created at a faction of the cost of having a building constructed that [...]

Shipping Containers for the Golf and Leisure Industry

We are now supplying shipping containers to golf clubs and the leisure industry more than ever before. Primarily down to the convenience and cost-effectiveness of a shipping container versus applying for planning permission to construct further buildings. Shipping containers are strong and secure, quick to obtain and ideal for a variety of uses. We’ve supplied containers to golf clubs who use them for the secure storage of golf buggies, greens keeper equipment and chemicals. They [...]

Shipping Container Farms

Shipping containers being used for farms is an interesting development that’s gaining in popularity for use in urban areas and by restaurants who want to provide locally grown produce to their customers. Shipping Containers are being re-purposed for grow rooms or mini farms. Shipping container farms aren’t affected by the weather or pests with the added bonus that they ultimately reduce food mileage. Some of the figures being quoted for the farm in a box [...]

Painting export shipping containers

When painting shipping containers for export use, we have to either mask off the decals (Letters and numbers) on the container or remove them and re-apply the decals after painting. Decals on shipping containers are important identifiers for use by shipping lines so when we get asked to paint a unit, we have to ensure the integrity of the decals is maintained. In the case of this used 40ft High Cube shipping container, our client [...]

Building and Installing our Shipping Container Racking Kits

How to install our shipping container racking kits Our industrial grade shipping container racking and shelving kits are an extremely popular addition to our range of shipping containers. Designed into neat kits, these self build shelving units come with a massive 600 Kgs UDL (Uniformly Distributed Load) Capacity per shelving unit. This is commonly 2-4x the capacity that other shipping container firms offer at a very similar overall price. In this guide we detail how [...]

Repurposing an old 20ft Shipping Container in Birmingham

Recently we took in this old and somewhat rough looking 20ft shipping container from a site in Birmingham city centre. Having been used for storage by the University for some years, this 20ft shipping container was still structurally sound and dry inside and this unit was a prime candidate for refurbishment. As with any shipping container that has been out on site for approx 10 years this container did have some minor defects. Rust on [...]

Sedum Roofing for Shipping Containers

Sedum roofing on shipping containers provides a number of advantages including disguising the container and attracting more insects and birds. In particular, bees and butterflies are attracted to the sedum and in turn their presence attracts more birds to the area. Rather than having an industrial looking steel roof, with sedum, you can create a lush green covering that looks nice, disguises your container and is good for the local wildlife. Green roofs can reduce [...]

Can you insure the contents of a Shipping Container?

Insuring the contents of a shipping container being used for storage. Very simply yes you can insure the contents of a shipping container that's being used for storage use on your site. Ordinarily your shipping container will require a high security lock box and an insurance rated padlock (or a padlock your insurance company will recognise). Typically its much easier to add the contents of your shipping container to an existing policy that already covers [...]

Shipping Containers for the Automotive Industry

Shipping containers are often used by the automotive industry for a host of reasons, from storing parts and components  to shipping specialist or expensive F1 vehicles to race meetings globally. One of our most profitable industries, we regularly get mechanics and local garages contacting us for the best quality containers for the best market prices. Everyone in the industry loves a deal (So do we!) and this is why if our quotes are not as [...]