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Temporary Warehousing Structures | Demountable Buildings

Our temporary warehousing structures are demountable and constructed using shipping containers and a shipping container canopy. The building needs no footings or foundations as the canopy is mounted on the shipping containers, is quick to assemble and thanks to its modular design is easy to repair and maintain. Being a temporary demountable structure, you will usually not require planning permission but, its always advisable to check as it’s often very difficult to get ‘after the [...]

Shipping Containers for Music Venues and Festivals

Shipping containers are extremely versatile, they can be transformed from a simple metal box, to a fully kitted out bar on a surprisingly low budget. They are also fairly easy to move around, they can be moved from site to site with crane equipped trucks, making them perfect for festivals and event company's alike. Please see below some of our recent projects which some established brands in the music and festival scene. You can see [...]

Temporary Warehousing / Bulk Storage Solutions

Expand your Warehousing or Storage quickly and at low cost Spike in demand? Need additional space to store goods ready for transport? Cheap, mobile and flexible solutions can be found with our range of shipping container canopies. Cost Effective Temporary Structures If you’re struggling for warehouse space to cope with peaks in demand, looking to save money by buying larger than usual shipments of product, or building a new facility that just won't be ready in [...]

Bus / Transport depot – Temporary Flexible Space solutions

Expand your depot quickly and at low cost Need additional space for your transport depot? Cheap, mobile and flexible solutions can be found with our range of shipping container canopies. Cost Effective Temporary Structures If you're looking for extra covered space to work on vehicles, wash them, or simply provide protection from the elements, then our shipping container canopies are a perfect solution. They can be dismantled and moved to a new location for reassembly [...]

Shipping Container Changing Rooms for Sports Teams

We often get inquiries from schools or sports teams looking for a budget alternative to traditional bricks and mortar changing rooms. Our customers usually require a simple 20ft or 40ft shipping container that is kitted out with insulation, electrics, windows and doors. Shipping containers are perfect for this, they are fully customisable and can me modified to suit all your requirements. From a basic changing room with bench and hooks to a 50/50 split changing room [...]

Storing Furniture in a Shipping Container

Storing furniture in a shipping container is a popular use for our containers. In this guide we detail the pros and cons of storing furniture in a shipping container and we cover some of the ways to ensure your goods are kept safe, dry and secure. Storing furniture in a shipping container at home Shipping containers and a cheap, easy and quick way to get a large amount of secure storage space. As long as [...]

Shipping Container Canopies: New Range for 2018

Our shipping container canopies have proven to be an increasingly popular option with a diverse range of customers. The temporary or semi-permanent roof structures that can span between 2x 20ft or 40ft shipping containers offer superb value for anyone needing some covered working or storage space Care of this interest we are pleased to announce that we have a completely new and much bigger range to offer in 2018 in addition to our previous range. [...]

Mould in Shipping Containers

Mould in shipping containers can be a big problem. Any excess damp can linger inside a shipping container and mould can form of woods, fabrics & textiles, foodstuffs, paper and cardboard and more. When in use ot either ship your goods abroad or keep your gear dry and secure when used for static storage this can be a big issue. In this guide we detail some of the hazards and ways to avoid and prevent [...]

What is a CSC plated shipping container?

What is a CSC plate on a shipping container? A CSC plate refers to the ‘Container Safety Convention’. In 1972 at a joint conference with UN and (International Maritime Organization) adopted the convension requirements as drafted by the IMO and the Economic Commission for Europe. Put simply, this convention outlines the regulations for testing, inspections, approval and maintenance of shipping containers as well as the structural safety requirements and tests. In very basic terms, a [...]

1001 Uses for a Shipping Container #163: An Upcycled Pop Up Toastie Shop!

We're very proud to have helped supply this modified and upcycled used 20ft shipping container, now serving hot toasties in Brick Lane. Made from a 20ft refurbished shipping container with the additional modification of a piston operated serving hatch that was transformed into this fantastic little pop up shipping container cafe! Archie from Toastie_Toastie got in contact as he needed a shipping container to convert into a pop up cafe which was well presented, durable and most importantly [...]