10 uses for Shipping Containers you might not have thought of

Can you think of alternative uses for shipping containers? When you look at a shipping container you might just see a giant steel box that is used to move goods all around the world.  But look a bit harder and you will discover a whole list of other possibilities and uses for humble shipping containers that will make life a bit more organised, efficient, and more interesting.

We know this might take a little bit of imagination so we have collated a list of 10 innovative uses for shipping containers that you might never have thought of.

1. Building site offices and stores shipping container building site office uses for shipping containers

Construction sites can be dangerous places for visitors and its hard to maintain a professional welcome while large machines drill and rumble around you.  Builds don’t stop for bad weather but you still need somewhere nearby to hold a site meeting or those all-important tea breaks.  Shipping containers can be useful for all manner of reasons on a building site including reception areas, offices, canteens, and toilet facilities – not to mention temporary, secure storage for the valuable machinery and equipment that needs to be locked away at the end of the day.

We can supply a range of new, used, and refurbished shipping containers that have been (or can be) easily adapted for use for any of the above requirements.  We can supply containers with fitted security doors and secure windows with anti-vandal shutters, fitted with electrics and water supply if needed.

We can also supply containers for use as secure areas for lockers and changing rooms for site workers.  Due to new COVID restrictions, these might benefit from a door at either end to create an efficient one-way system.  Take a look at these neat 12ft office containers as an example of what is available.

For storage of large machinery, you might like to consider a high cube container, with a standard height of 9ft 6, these are excellent options for keeping diggers and small tractors safely under lock and key.

2. Storage for house renovation or removals

Moving house or renovating your home is a stressful business.  Everyone hates packing their whole life into boxes, finding somewhere to keep it, and unpacking it all again at the other end.  If you have a large-scale house renovation project, the last thing you need is any worries about damaging your belongings or having them stolen if they are not stored in a secure location.  Shipping containers are ideal for short term or longer storage requirements such as these because they are extremely secure and can be easily delivered to your desired location for a reasonable price.

We can easily supply a smart-looking container from our range of used storage containers varying in size depending on how much stuff you have to store and how much space you have to keep it.

3. Sports club stores

Sports clubs and grounds often approach us for assistance with storing excess sporting equipment and furniture that is cluttering up other areas.  Shipping containers can be used to safely and securely store equipment for a whole range of sports, kits, discarded tables and chairs, goals, and even lawnmowers.  A used shipping container is ideal for this kind of storage use, many are still in good visual condition and won’t cause an eyesore on your grounds.

Have a look through our used container section to see what bargains we currently have at a depot near you.

4. School storage shipping container storage for schools uses for shipping containers

We have supplied storage containers to many local and national schools in the UK to securely store surplus classroom furniture, PE equipment, staging blocks, and PTA paraphernalia for the school Christmas and Summer fayres.  One of our most recent commissions was this very smart 2oft Shipping Container for Warwick School.

If you are concerned about the contents of your container being damaged by damp or mildew we can recommend and supply a range of anti-condensation treatments for shipping containers.

5. Hospital and PPE storage

The global coronavirus pandemic created a huge rise in demand for PPE in hospitals and healthcare settings.  Supplying shipping containers to hospitals, care homes, and pharmacies became an important part of our business during the UK lockdown.  Shipping containers can be dispatched and delivered at relatively short notice for storage of PPE and medicines and we will always prioritise key industries where possible.  This is an example of one particular container order we delivered to East Surrey hospital for PPE storage during the lockdown.

For efficient storage that makes the best use of the space available we recommend one of our shipping container shelving systems listed here.

6. Horse tack rooms

Secure and weatherproof storage for horse tack and equipment is important, and shipping containers fit the bill perfectly.  A storage container placed in your yard won’t attract too much attention with its anonymous appearance, and even if they do, a steel container is pretty much as secure as they come.  New (one trip) containers come with a lockbox (padlock cover) fitted as standard, and these are often fitted to our used and refurbished models too (depending on what the container was used for previously).  A lockbox will protect the container padlock from thieves and vandals and we highly recommend them for storage containers.

Find more information on shipping container lockboxes here.

7. Secure tool storage

Tool thefts from vans are becoming more common than ever and tradesmen cannot risk leaving their tools and livelihoods vulnerable overnight in a work’s van.  A shipping container offers a secure and inconspicuous storage solution for power tools that can be placed on your own land keeping your precious kit highly protected and away from inquisitive eyes.

 8. A holiday

shipping container accommodation uses for shipping containers

Our recent blog post on 10 cool shipping container hotels for a socially distant getaway attracted a lot of attention and we had a great time researching shipping container accommodation to include in it.  There are way more shipping container B&Bs, glamping lodges, hotels, and hideaways than you would ever imagine.  Not only are they comfortable, but they offer a very cool and quirky way to have a break from it all too!

9. A sturdy garden shed

Shipping Container sheds give perfect protection for your precious garden tools and equipment, with ample space for all of your furniture, toys, bikes, and more.  Traditional wooden sheds are a popular option but they are not as secure as a sturdy shipping container, and they tend to rot and wear over time.  A shipping container can withstand countless ocean crossings and still look almost new, so it could certainly hold up well as a garden shed!

There are a few options to consider when searching for a shipping container as a garden shed including a used shipping container, or a flat pack garden storage shed which are both available from our yards.  If you are concerned about upsetting the neighbours by plonking a giant steel box into your garden you could also opt for some external timber cladding.  Cladding is an extremely popular customisation option, and an option we can readily assist with.

More information on shipping containers as garden sheds here.

10. Somewhere to live

Shipping container homes are a growing trend across the world.  Container homes are more sustainable and often predominantly cheaper than traditional building materials.  Many shipping container home builders describe them as giant lego blocks due to the seamless way they can be stacked together to create space and interesting shapes and sizes.  You can invite light with glass walls and roofs, paint them all manner of colours and add all kinds of extra features.  Shipping container homes are definitely here to stay and if you have a container home project in mind, we would love to be involved!

Read ‘Could I live in a shipping container?’ for more inspiration.

So there you have it, 10 surprising uses for shipping containers that you might not have thought of.  Can you think of any uses for shipping containers that we have missed?  Get in touch and share the inspiration!

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