Painting export shipping containers

When painting shipping containers for export use, we have to either mask off the decals (Letters and numbers) on the container or remove them and re-apply the decals after painting. Decals on shipping containers are important identifiers for use by shipping lines so when we get asked to paint a unit, we have to ensure the integrity of the decals is maintained.

In the case of this used 40ft High Cube shipping container, our client wanted to have a ‘smart’ looking shipper without having to pay for a new unit. So, in the case of the container in the main image, this was already a light blue colour and we just masked off the decal blocks prior to painting. This saves a lot of time from the process and makes it a lot cheaper.

When anyone wants an export box re-painting with a completely different colour to the original paint, we would remove all the decals prior to painting and then re-apply following painting.

Because of this work masking off the decals, repainting an export grade shipping container will be priced very differently to repainting a shipping container being used for storage.

We offer a painting service on all our containers so, not just for export use. There are two levels of painting service we offer. The first is our basic service where we simply re-spray over the entire container. The unit has a basic rub-down to remove any loose rust and is then re-sprayed. We do not mask off the decals, door seals or locking rods. The second is out premium service whereby we will remove the decals, remove any loose rust and mask off the door seals and locking rods.

If you already have containers, it’s a good to idea to clean off any excess rust and touch up the damaged area to extend the life of the unit. Pay special attention to the roof area in particular and regularly clean off any build-up of debris, leaves etc. Failure to do this will result in moisture being retained in areas covered by the leaves thus accelerating corrosion.

Whilst our painting options only include a basic rub down to remove loose rust, it simply wouldn’t be cost-effective to subject the container to a complete sand blast prior to re-spraying. This would more than likely cost more than a new container. So, whilst it’s a bit of a compromise, it’s a good way to smarten up the look of a container and extend its life.

If you’d prefer to take a standard used container and do all the surface preparation yourself then re-paint it, we can supply the container and you can buy quality RAL paints from us. These are marine grade paints and can be applied using a brush, roller or can be sprayed on (thinner required).

If you need a shipping container painted for any reason we can help.  Please call or email your enquiry to us at any time.

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