1001 Uses For a Shipping Container #197: A Scary Flight Simulator!

Image courtesy of Realscape Productions

We love finding alternative uses for Shipping Containers, and every time we discover a new and innovative way of using them we feel a sense of satisfaction! This is why we invented our ongoing feature to find 1001 uses for shipping containers – and we are almost at the #200 marker.

Our latest discovery is a shipping container that has been transformed into a very scary flight crash simulator, and if you are a nervous flier this one is almost definitely not for you!

‘Flight’ is an immersive experience created inside a 40ft High Cube Shipping Container which lasts a knee-trembling 30 minutes. It was created by UK events company Darkfield Events Ltd, and has since been taken on a tour of Australia where it has been freaking out groups of thrill-seekers for a couple of years now.

The entire 40ft Shipping Container is kitted out exactly like the economy cabin of a commercial Airbus 320 airliner using equipment taken from real aircraft.  The experience is designed to mimic a real-life flight from the very beginning as passengers are boarded onto the plane and shown to their seats by their ‘crew’ where they are asked to consult their flight safety information and watch the short safety video.

After this, events unfold into an assault on the senses and imagination as the audience is transported through a series of scenarios which, according to the rather cryptic Flight synopsis will “Take audience members through two worlds, two realities and two possible outcomes to their journey.”  It all sounds rather cryptic, and as this is the same events company that has created two other immersive simulator experiences inside shipping containers titled ‘Seance’ (based on a ghost-summoning situation) and ‘Coma’ (where participants are invited to join a collective dream scenario), we are willing to bet that ‘Flight’ is a pretty nail-biting encounter!

This video review from Lift Hills and Thrills gives more of an insight:

This isn’t the first time we have seen a shipping container converted for an event, we recently discovered a very cool shipping container escape room, and we have helped to transform shipping containers into exhibition stands, we even supplied 8 used 20ft shipping containers to an event support company who transformed them into a giant floating billboard on the River Thames for Under Armour!

If you have discovered an alternative use for shipping containers we would love to hear about it and possibly feature it in our 1001 uses…. series.  Alternatively, if you would like some help sourcing or converting a shipping container we would be very pleased to help!

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