Side Opening Containers for Marine Filming Equipment Storage

When Marine Department needed a second side opening storage container they had a particular requirement and came to Budget Shipping Containers for a solution. As the only major container trader commonly offering both left handed and right handed side opening containers we were ideally placed to help. Despite the exact style of container they needed not being available we were able to modify a container to meet this customers needs.

Shipping Containers for Specialist Storage

Marinedept textCustom made doorsMarine Department specialise in marine and diving coordination and logistic for film and TV, working regularly on Hollywood blockbusters! They had previously bought a side opening high cube 20ft container and used this for storage of filming equipment, diving gear, boat parts and safety equipment. The side opening doors allow this to be opened up for easy access to all items when in use, and the end doors allow for access when the side doors are locked, the perfect arrangement for this customer.

They wanted to double their storage capacity by using a second high cube side opening container, but this one would need to have the end doors at the other end of the container, so that they would be accessible when the containers were pushed together. A container of this type is usually known as a left-hand side-opening container, however these are rarely produced and there have been none available in the UK for some time, especially in the high cube size that the customer needed. The solution decided on was to take a normal (right-hand) side opening container and fit a second set of end cargo doors, creating a container that opens on one full side and BOTH ends!

Marine Department demonstrating how their side opening container and racking keeps all their diving, filming and vital safety equipment organised. All located right where they need it, and securely locked away when not in use. Their new container will double their storage capacity. Side opening containers are perfect for ordered storage of smaller items, everything being visible and accessible.

Modified Shipping Container Doors

This conversion was not as straightforward as you might think. The door frames on each end of a container are different sizes, as one has to support the heavy doors and hinges, the other only usually has to support a section of sheet steel. On a side opening container there is the added complication of the hinges and mechanisms for the side doors being fitted to these door frames. We had to rebuild the end frame to accommodate the doors and support the additional weight, and reduce the width of the doors themselves to allow for the thicker frame that we had fitted.

Ply line side openerAs well as the modifications to the doors we added full ply lining and insulation to protect the sensitive equipment stored inside. This stabilises the temperature inside the container and prevents the formation of condensation, crucial when storing sensitive electronic equipment and diving safety gear. Once the shelving is installed on site this will allow for neat and ordered storage in a dry and stable atmosphere, right where it’s needed!

The finished product looks and functions as a factory produced container, and should provide ultra-convenient storage for Marine Department for many years to come.

We can help with your specialised storage requirement offer the UK’s largest online range of shipping containers for sale with a nationwide network of storage and conversion yards and crane equipped delivery vehicles.

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