20ft Cladded Catering Pod with Roller Shutter

Roller Shutter Serving Hatch
Roller Shutter Serving Hatch
  • Catering pod made from a converted 20ft Shipping Container
  • Made to order; highly customisable for your own project or use
  • High Security door and galvanised roller shutter
  • Lined and insulated with food grade lining
  • Electrical points mounted to match customers appliances
  • Lights and Heating
  • Sealed vinyl floor
  • Cargo doors remain usable to allow large equipment (eg fridges) to be installed easily.
  • Guaranteed wind and watertight
  • Mobile: move this around your site or sell it on if and when your site evolves or changes.
Price from: £12,500.00 +VAT

How to Order

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Product Description

This is an example of a catering pod we supplied for Studley High School in Warwickshire. Made from a one trip (new) 20ft shipping container, this self contained catering pod has helped the growing school manage with a limited size refectory. It has also helps the school increase service provision and revenue by offering refreshments at sports events and other outdoor activities at site.

All units like this one are built to order which allows for a very high level of personalisation. Almost anything here can be customised including:

  • The size and position of the serving hatch, and the number of hatches (If you wanted a second hatch in the other long side of the unit as well)
  • The type of wood used in the cladding, and the number of sides that need cladding (if your container or catering pod is going up against a wall, not cladding this side will offer a saving)
  • The type and number of of lights, plug sockets and other electrical fittings, and their location within the container.  This allows you to have plug sockets and other fittings put exactly where you want to best connect to your appliances. You can even choose where the light switch goes!
  • The location of the door, the size of door, left or high hand opening, and opening in or outwards (we always recommend you have doors opening outwards, where possible, to maximize the internal space utilisation), the level of security (secure, super secure and mega secure door options), and we can add in vision panels, paint doors, add a fire exit push bar opening, kick boards, door signage and more!
  • The type of internal paneling. Plywood and OSB board are cheap, melamine and hygiene board are more expensive but may be required in catering quality units. We have also fitted formaldehyde free plywood / composite board on request for customers.  We can use almost any internal boarding you require.
  • The type of flooring. Lino, sealed vinyl and safety flooring such as Altro or Polyflor, are most popular for catering units but again anything from office carpet tiles to laminate flooring can be fitted.
  • Sinks and plumbing can be added, or, as was done here, we can simply cut holes to your specifications into the side of the container to allow you to fit our own sink with fresh and waste water connections.
  • Size – We can make this type of unit from any size of shipping container as may be required.
  • New or upcycled. We can work with a one trip (new) container for best lifespan (We suggest to expect 20+ years of solid use with minimal maintenance to the structure) or a used shipping container. A used shipping container should still offer 10+ years of solid use, it will be a little bit cheaper overall and it means that the core structure for your unit is 100% recycled. We can also with with you to re-purpose other materials within the construction if this is what you want (subject to the suitability and availability of used materials to use in the construction for you)

This high level of customisation can meant these units can be put into sites for a huge range of potential uses

Benefits of our containerised catering pods.

  • These pods should offer a significant saving versus mobile catering van options
  • Built to your exact spec. We mount fittings and fixtures to meet your specific design or layout plan.
  • These pods are easy to move compared to a permanent structure – If your site evolves or gowns over time you can move these to a new area of site as required.
  • If no longer required they retain a salable value.
  • These should class as a temporary structures, avoiding the need for planning permission (we cannot offer a blanket guarantee here so always check with your local planning department if this may be a concern)
  • Lead time – we can usually build these to your specs and deliver these units within 4-6 weeks. (This is construction time only and does not include any time needed to discuss options and time taken to agree the specification and price with you)

Uses for cladded catering pods:

  • Schools, collages and universities to offer break time food and drink options outside and / or near to sports fields allowing additional income during sports events.
  • Theme Parks, zoos and other major tourist attractions. Have these units in place around your new development, and move them and re-theme them to meet demand when you introduce new attractions.
  • Parks and open spaces – create extra revenue in semi-remote areas, with the assurance that your unit is very secure when left overnight.
  • Large and temporary industrial sites and projects – have a food and drink offering for your workforce on or very near to site. Create revenue whilst providing facilitates that can help with the smooth operation of site.
  • Pubs and Restaurants – Make the most of summer with one of these pods in your garden acting as a second bar unit or for light snacks.

Specification for this example unit

As mentioned, we can easily tailor this design for your own use, but this is the outline specification for the unit pictured:

  • 1 x one trip (new) 20ft shipping container
  • 1 x high security personnel entry door and 1 x galvanised manual roller shutter.
  • Wood clad externally: Ungraded Tanalised Timber – Green-Treated: HC3 above-ground specification
  • Lined and insulated internally, with melamine lining internally, including the inside of the original cargo doors on the shipping container.
  • Electrical fit out, external PTO (‘Commando’ type plug socket), consumer unit (RCD safety device), lights, plug sockets and heater all mounted to customers layout design, all trunking and switches. All professionally tested in our yard before sale
  • Small holes cut into the side (to customers design) to allow fresh and waste water connections.
  • Cargo doors remain operational to allow large fridges and similar to be installed easily.
  • Guaranteed wind and watertight
  • Safe to lift and move via the fork pockets or by using the corner castings which remain accessible.

Prices for these catering pods. 

As mentioned, prices can vary dramatically dependent on the specification you need. We price ourselves in providing bespoke solutions so our offer and prices can vary a fair bit depending on the required lifespan for the unit, weather we work with a new or a used shipping container and the specification required for its end use and of course the delivery location and how tricky this is to get it where you need it. (a lot of these units in our experience end up in difficult to reach spaces!)

However, as a very rough guide most of these units will cost in in the region of £8-15000 + VAT depending on the exact spec you need.


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