Why Add Cladding to a Shipping Container?

Shipping Containers have come a long way since their conception as sturdy, steel boxes that are used to transport goods across the world’s oceans. These days you are just as likely to find a shipping container in your local park, masquerading as an ice cream kiosk, being used as an office on a construction site, or serving up coffees as a kiosk in your local train station as you are bobbing across the sea on a huge container ship.

Shipping containers are incredibly versatile and while we think they look fantastic in all forms, there are occasions when you might want to use a shipping container, but you don’t want it to look like a shipping container.  In these instances, there are ways of disguising your shipping container – and one of those is by cladding your container with timber.

What is Container Cladding?

Shipping container cladding is an external layer of material that is applied to the outside of your container. Cladding most commonly comes in steel or timber, and for this article, we will focus on our most popular type – timber or wooden cladding.

Why Clad a Shipping Container? Timber clad 20ft storage container, door and left hand side view.

As we have said above, there are circumstances where a shipping container is needed but you don’t want it to stick out!  This could be for aesthetic reasons, perhaps your neighbours are offended by the site of the container office in your back garden.  Similarly, you might want to camouflage your shipping container if it is standing in clear view on the grounds of your business, or school grounds.  Sometimes, reinforced steel just isn’t a good look!

You may want to use a shipping container in place of a secure store for garden or trade tools. These tools are very valuable and often targeted by thieves.  Shipping containers are incredibly difficult to break into but thieves and vandals can cause damage if they can’t get to their target, so making your container less conspicuous is a good deterrent.

Used shipping containers are super secure and have plenty of life in them, but they can sometimes be rusted or dented on the outside.  Cladding can improve their cosmetic appeal and they will fit right into your site – often becoming an attractive feature!

As an additional external layer, shipping container cladding can help to add extra insulation to your container but in most instances, container cladding is chosen for its aesthetics.

What shipping containers can be cladded?

Here at Budget Shipping Containers, we are able to add cladding to any shipping container you wish. Because most of our cladded shipping containers are made to order, we can offer plenty of flexibility when it comes to modifications and the specification of your container.

3x 40ft shipping containers joined together and timber clad. External view

We can add cladding to shipping containers of any size.  The most common are 20ft and 40ft shipping containers but 8ft and 10ft containers are also a great option for smaller conversions such as ticket kiosks, or security offices.

If you need more space we can join several containers together to make a larger space, which is ideal for office space, gyms, or garages.

The image to the right shows a modular office made from 3 cladded 40ft shipping containers.

You can also add additional modifications to your cladded container.  High-security personnel doors, windows, and serving hatches are an ideal addition if you are creating an office or service-based business.

How much does a cladded shipping container cost?

The cost of your cladded shipping container will vary based on the size and spec of the container you choose, any additional modifications such as windows, or personnel doors, and the type of cladding you require.

As most of our cladded containers are made to order, it is not possible to give an off-the-shelf price – but we can assure you that we are one of the most competitively priced and trusted suppliers around!

What are some popular uses for cladded shipping containers? Timber clad jacuzzi hut with storage, external view

We have commissioned cladded shipping containers for a wide variety of uses including:

A 20ft timber-clad catering pod for Studley High School to use as an external kiosk for students.  This is a great idea for a large student body where the school or college canteen is not large enough to cater for everyone at once.

A 10ft cladded shipping container bar – these are ideal for garden bars and outdoor service points for hospitality businesses who have created outdoor spaces following the pandemic.  We really love ‘The Hutch’, an outdoor bar that we stumbled across in Worcestershire. ‘The Hutch’ can be found at the March Hare Inn, in Broughton Hackett near Worcester.  With its stylish cladded frontage,  and position on a raised decking area overlooking a large beer garden, it easily catches the eye of passing motorists who often pull in for an un-scheduled drink in the sun.

Shipping Container Bar external view

A 15ft cladded container workshop with internal L-shaped workbench and fully lined and insulated to create a tidy, cosy workspace!

20ft timber clad Jacuzzi hut! Wooden cladding adds a fantastic natural style to a shipping container to help it blend into an outside space. This very stylish cabin container with a lockable changing area and external walkway would be an attractive addition to a garden hot tub area.

A 20ft Cladded Office Container provides excellent office space! These office units are made to order and can be customised to meet your exact specification.  Doors and windows can be mounted wherever you require and professionally installed electrics.  You can even choose the type of wood you prefer for your cladding (available for an additional cost) and be sure of our high-quality standard finish!

How can I find out more about cladded shipping containers?

Our team are available to discuss your project and can recommend the right type of container and cladding to use.  If you have any queries please browse through the cladded shipping container options on our website, and give us a call with your enquiry!

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