Winter is Coming! Prepare your shipping container for winter.

When colder and darker nights begin to loom, its time to start prepping your container for the winter months. Below we have detailed some of the container accessories we offer to help protect against damp and moisture, and an option for lighting to help improve visibility inside your shipping container on darker evenings.

You can prepare your shipping container to protect against damp, and add lighting so you can see in the dark with these great options.

Shipping Container Insulation Kits

shipping container Insulation kit

Our self-fit insulation kits are a great way to remove any condensation build-up inside your shipping container. These are tough foil liners that offer a good level of insulation and they prevent any condensation from forming on the inside of your shipping container as they cool down overnight. They are an ideal long-term solution to prevent condensation.

They come in pre-cut panels with industrial sticky back plastic on the back of the panels. These kits are tough and you won’t’ be able to easily rip or tear them.

Fitting is very easy. just ensure the inside panels are clean and dry and peel off the sticky back plastic tape, then stick them to the walls (a full fitting guide is available here)

These are also available for our range of flat pack storage containers. All our insulation kits are sent out for next working day delivery as standard for orders processed before midday. These are all manufactured in the UK.

View our shipping container insulation kits here: Insulation kits for 10ft containers, Insulation kits for 20ft contianers, Insulation kits for 40ft containers  (if you have an unusual or custom-sized shipping container, please get in touch and we can still help with a custom-sized kit).

View our flat pack insulation kits here

Absorpoles / Moisture traps

Absorpole inside a shipping container

Absorpoles are an ideal temporary solution for condensation control. they are essentially an industrial-sized version of the desiccant bags that you might find in a new bag or with a new pair of shoes. (Silica Gel is the most popular consumer brand). they are ideal for use in shipping containers as well as other enclosed spaces that may have condensation or damp problems (Caravans, Garages, metal sheds, and more)

Our Absorpoles are made from recycled plastic and are non-toxic.

They work for approx 12 weeks and suck up to 2 litres of moisture from the air per pole. they couldn’t be any easier to use.


Please feel free to check out this brief Youtube video showing you our Absorpoles in more detail.

You can order Absorpoles via the product page on our website, smaller volume orders are sent on a typical 2-3 working day delivery service.

Motion Sensor Container Lights. 

We have a neat range of battery-powered, motion sensor lights with magnets built in to make them ideal for use in a shipping container. They can help prevent trips and slips when looking for items from your shipping container on a dark winter’s afternoon.  Set them up once for motion sensor mode, fix them to any roof or wall panel in your shipping container, and you’re all set! These take less than 1 minute each to set up and install.

This 2 minute video shows you these lights in more detail:

These come in significantly cheaper than your own dedicated electrics. We have good stocks available that should see us through winter easily, and you can order these on the product page on our website. All orders up to 4 units are sent via 2nd class royal mail which we find recently can take up to 5 working days at most.

Hopefully, all these examples can help anyone prepare for the coming winter, however hard it may be.

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